I Like To Move It Move It: Blackhawks 3 - Preds 0

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Patrick Sharp: So sexy the puck stops right in its tracks to stare. (Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune / April 22, 2010)
Patrick Sharp: So sexy the puck stops right in its tracks to stare. (Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune / April 22, 2010)

Gotta make this one quick. Super busy with school today.
Well THAT was the team we were all hoping to see.  The Hawks came out playing pretty well from the start.  Bickell was playing with the first line (we'll call it the 2010-11 first line).  Burish looked great on the 4th line.  He was like an ADD kid who was in a cage for a week.  I think I was most impressed by his actions after the whistle.  He always seemed to make his way to the front of the net after the play was blown dead, and I'm sure his smack talk is much better than hearing "EAGER SMASH" all night.

Patrick Sharp, as shown above, is indeed so sexy that he controls the puck with his mind.  He got two great goals that really personified him as a player.  The first was a gritty rebound in front of the net.  The other was a flashy move followed by an absolute snipe over the shoulder of Rinne.

Toews picked up a rebound goal after the Preds defense turned into a Chinese fire drill.  Hossa and Toews came in 2-on-1, Hossa took a shot from the circle and Toews finished the rebound while 2 Pred defensemen were on the ice trying to block shots.

It was good to see a bit of flare on the goal from Sharp.  The Hawks haven't gotten and won't get many goals like that this series.  Most of them are going to be like the other two we saw.  The biggest difference last night was Rinne getting a face full of Blackhawk ass all game long.

Again, I need to praise Brent Sopel.  I figured out why he is such a slow skater.  Its because he has huge balls of steel.  There is no other explanation for putting any body part in front of a Shea Weber slapshot when killing a 5-on-3 chance.

Campbell looked alright in his first game back.  There was definitely a noticeable difference moving the puck out of the zone when he was on the ice.  He had 14:04 of ice time in 17 shifts.  Working him back in slowly is the best thing for the Hawks.  He'll be a difference maker when he's on the ice in helping the Hawks break out.  His style of play has always shied away from contact so I'm not really worried about him taking a big hit unless he gets into a position where he can't skate out of trouble.

Antti-Goal's shutout looked a whole lot like game 2.  He wasn't really challenged too much, but when he was, he was able to bail out his defensemen.  He made a great stop on the breakaway from Sullivan, who got off a good chance despite Buff's pestering from behind.

Overall, a great game from the Hawks that should have everyone in the locker room taking a deep sigh of relief.  The key to this is to follow it up with the same effort instead of reverting back to game 3 form.  I'm sure the Madhouse will be nuts coming into game 5, so that'll provide a good spark.  Can't wait to get it rockin' again tomorrow.