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Hawks on Santa's Naughty and Nice List | December | 2010 Articles

Hawks on Santa's Naughty and Nice List

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Santa's list

You've probably heard all about the high profile documents leaked by the controversial Wikileaks and the website's creator Julian Assange.  Well, not all of the leaks are state secrets.  Assange passed on the COMPLETELY REAL LIST of Hawks players who are on Santa's naughty and nice lists.


John Scott.  Santa doesn’t like it when you pick on other kids, even if 22,000 people are cheering for you.

Dave Bolland.  Not only do you inappropriately handle your stick, you whack Fernado Pisani with it too.

Jassen Cullimore.  You’ve been pretty good this year, but remember, Santa sees everything and Santa saw the 2005-06 season...

Nick Boynton.  Stop injuring your teammates.

Mike Kitchen.  Leave Patrick Kane alone during practice.

Jeremy Morin.  You make too much money is Stan Bowman’s Santa’s eyes.  Back to the AHL & WJC with you.

Patrick Kane.  Santa isn’t mad.  He’s just very disappointed in you.

Coach Quenneville’s Mustache.  Santa sees the things you say on Twitter and Facebook.  Tread lightly.

Tomas Kopecky.  It isn’t nice that all the food they lay out in the press box is going to waste because you refuse to report to it as ordered.


Marty Turco.  Santa thinks it’s awfully nice that you gave up your starting goaltender job to Corey Crawford.

Corey Crawford. Santa likes that you’re not squandering away this chance either.

Jack Skille.  It’s so sweet of you to give other goalies confidence by letting them make all those saves on you.

Niklas Hjalmarsson.  That’s a lot of shots blocked...errr...let me put this in words you understand.  HOIDEY DOIDEY DOIDEY! BORK BORK BORK ASPELUND LLUVAS UVAS.

Jonathan Toews.  You’re doing a very good job picking up the slack of injured teammates.  Your chewing out of the bench and subsequent naughty language nearly landed you on the naughty list.

Coach Quenneville.  I actually saw you smile a couple of times this year.  And that’s good enough for Santa.

Brian Campbell. For Christmas, you get to do as many spin-o-ramas as your team leading plus-minus says. Use them well.

Fernando Pisani.  Of course Santa will put the Pope on the nice list.

Ryan Johnson. A center who takes faceoffs and kills penalties? Was Santa on YOUR nice list?

From all of us at BHDL, we'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas or a happy holiday season.  Whatever you celebrate, have a safe, fun time with all your friends and family.


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