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The Case of the Stanley Cup Ice Sculptures | October | 2010 Articles

The Case of the Stanley Cup Ice Sculptures

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .


Blackhawks fans woke up today like it was Christmas morning-- and for those who live in some key areas of the city, Santa even left something behind.


Picture taken by Kelly Thomas Reardon

Reports to the official Blackhawks Twitter account indicate similar Stanley Cup ice sculptures have been left behind somewhere by the Union Station and the Belmont Red Line. Other locations are unconfirmed.

The Blackhawks are adamant that this is not their own doing, which I think makes this gimmick that much more epic. To the ones responsible for this, you win at life. (And seriously, let me buy you a beer.)


Here are the known locations of the Stanley Cup ice sculptures:

More updates as they come.


SubtleLikeSeabs went to check the ice sculpture outside WGN and found that the ice sculptures were tagged "icemagic.biz", an ice sculpture company based in Florida but with a location in Chicago.

Then the Blackhawks Twitter account had this to say:

Just did some digging about the Ice Stanley Cups - we *did* make them. A top-secret plan by our street team to celebrate the new season!

So there we go, mystery solved. Not quite as awesome now that it's no longer some guerilla tactic some fan made out of love, but hey, Christmas presents are still Christmas presents, whether they come from Santa Claus or your parents pretending to be one.


Reader Anita passed along the pictures below.  She said they are pictures of the Cup from the Madison & Chicago River location from about 9am this morning.  Good thing she got it when she did.  It looks ready to slide away.  Thanks Anita!




@MsBlackhawks snapped these pictures of the sculptures degradation over the day.  First picture is from outside the Chicago Theatre and the second is from outside WGN radio.




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