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Into the Abyss - Hawks Hold Onto Hope - Game 4 Preview | April | 2011 Articles

Into the Abyss - Hawks Hold Onto Hope - Game 4 Preview

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Game Time: 7pm CST

TV/Radio: Versus (outside Chicago), CSN (in Chicago), 560WIND

Breaking Out the Brooms: Nucks Misconduct (seriously, look at their preview for today’s game, funny stuff, especially the Kaner/Bieber photoshop)

Let me get the formalities out of the way:

  • Sedins killing us
  • Kesler suffocating the stars
  • Luongo playing out of his mind
  • Raffi Torres not suspended
  • Bolland (scrambled eggs) and Bickell (stigmata) possibly both back today (unconfirmed as of this post)
  • UPDATE: Bolland in, Kopecky out, Bickell in, SEABROOK OUT

And before I go further, a quick clarification on my tweets regarding Torres yesterday. I mused a bit that I’d actually like to see Scott dressed so he could pummel Torres. I also made a flippant comment about Seabs taking a flying elbow at one of the Sedins, so long as he’s behind the net, i.e. Mordor. I’m not advocating anyone injuring anyone else. The idea behind Scott is just the players handling the justice that I feel the NHL missed on. I don’t want the guy hurt. And the comment about the behind the net stuff is just pointing out the absurdity of the NHL’s loophole in that rule. That’s all. I’m not asking for vigilante assaults or anything.

There, now that that’s out of the way, onto the actual preview.

“Behind every miracle comeback there's a first step.” -@nburzych

Exactly. As much as I’ve already come to accept that we will not see the Blackhawks in the second round of the 2011 playoffs, I still have a faint glimmer of hope. The tiniest of lights at the end of the tunnel. This team isn’t the 2010 Flyers. But they are the 2011 Blackhawks and we still have hope. I know many of us want us to see them embarrassed, so they will come back angry and motivated. The focus of the players right now seems apt. Knowing they have to just focus on tonight instead of the next four games. Knowing that they have to be better than their best. Knowing that they’re facing a better team (with the exception of Jonathan Toews apparently).

But as nburzych’s quote above said, there’s a first step. A good step leads to a good stride. A good stride leads to a good shift. A good shift leads to a good period. A good period leads to a good game. A good game could lead to a win.

The hopes are dim, the chances are slim. I hope that someone will snatch up those cheap tickets and fill the house. Make it loud, make it proud. Even if the Hawks falter tonight, sing their praises, endorse their work and effort. Support them tonight. They’ve heard the boos, they know we’re not happy, and neither are they. Cheer them on into the abyss.


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