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Thank Your Enforcer Tshirts | August | 2011 Articles

Thank Your Enforcer Tshirts

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Our good friend Queen Crash is at it again.  After the tragic news of Rick Rypien's passing last week, Alex designed the shirt you see above.  $5 from every shirt sold is being donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (that's 100% of the profits).

Honestly, I think its a killer shirt. The default color showing is black, but I personally like it best on the white, green, or light blue shirts.  Whatever you like, you can play around with it on the site.  Just click here to go to the store page.

On a serious note, I just want to comment on the importance of this whole issue.  There's been a bit of buzz lately about fighting and the mental anguish that enforcers go through.  Every time you read a story about a guy like Derek Boogaard or John Scott there's a part that talks about how they're gentle giants.  These guys don't take pleasure in brawling like this.  In his autobiography, Bob Probert said he was terrified when he knew he would have to fight against someone.  But it was their job and their duty to fight.

These guys didn't get paid the monster salaries that we see for NHL superstars.  They're guys who go out every night afraid that if they don't fight, they won't have a role on the team and they'll be out of a job and without a way to provide for their families.  Add in the medical issues of early onset dementia, and these players are literally risking their lives every night on the ice.

So please, remember to thank your enforcer. Their job is not easy.


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