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Blackhawks caught eating paste, Phoenix wins coloring contest | December | 2011 Articles


Blackhawks caught eating paste, Phoenix wins coloring contest

Written by Hattie on .

“Shit, do I have to do EVERYTHING around here!? Alright, give me some goalie pads. Right after I score another goal.”

Let me just preface this wrap with a little complaining. Games on Versus make me want to punt kittens. I actually don’t mind Doc Emrick or even Edzo, but the combination of Pierre McGuire and the fact that I don’t get Versus in HD is the worst. Red blobs just skating around my screen, barf. In no way did I believe this would be the precursor to the Blackhawks play through the first half of the game.

Alright, on to the game.

Three minutes into the first frame, Steve Montador loses an edge and the Coyotes get a two-on-one right through the middle. Raffi Torres would be the one to finish the play and make it 1-0 Coyotes early. Getting outworked on the forecheck like crazy, the Blackhawks struggled to get anything cycling through the period until a Phoenix penalty late in the period. The Hawks do jack shit with the extra man than a few minor looks on Mike Smith. The Blackhawks apparently trying to win the award for NOT hitting anyone and another key defensive breakdown leads to a dirty goal by Radim Vrbata closing out the first period 2-0 bad guys.

Shocker, the ‘Yotes come out hard and make it 3-0 within the first two minutes of the second period. Giving up three goals on 16 shots, Corey Crawford is yanked and Ray Emery takes the ice. Great play through the middle of the ice and Jonathan Toews finds the open lane and buries one past Mike Smith, still 3-1 Coyotes, but at least it looked like the Blackhawks were trying to play hockey again. About half way through the period Ben Smith is held in front of the ‘Yotes net and the Blackhawks get their second chance to display their clownshoes. Blackhawks make this one count though as a sniper shot from Duncan Keith is deflected in by none other than the Magic Man himself. Not done yet, Jonathan Toews sets up Patrick Kane for one hell of a goal, tie game bitches. Jamal Mayers and Kyle Chipchura would begin and end a fight in the blink of an eye at the end of the period.

Still flying high after a stellar second half of the second period the Blackhawks draw a penalty, thought nothing comes of it. Blackhawks would take a penalty of their own and actually had some pretty good short handed looks, but the real story here is the Hawks killed the penalty. No scoring from either team comes out of the third period so onto some free hockey.

Aside from some gasps and audible “god damns” in my apartment, nothing comes from the OT and the Hawks head to a favorite of all, the shootout. Shootout breakdown: Emery doesn’t know what to do with his life, Toews gets stoned, same from Emery in the second round and even god himself couldn’t win this one. 'Yotes grab three of four points in a week from the Blackhawks.

Things I liked:
- Ladies and Gents your current goal leader in the league: Jonathan Toews.
- Ladies and Gents your current assist leader in the league: Patrick Kane.
- Ben Smith drew not one but two penalties. The first PP resulting in a goal, second not so much. Also, he might not be on the score sheet or doing all of the right things, but he works a shitton harder than Bickell. There's a reason he's in and Bicks is eating popcorn.
- The penalty kill rising from seventh layer of hell was 100% tonight. (There was only one, but they killed it.)

Things I didn’t like:
- That first 30 minutes was brutal.
- Viktor Stalberg (stop me if you’ve heard this before) missing a point blank, perfect shot, open net. #StalbergPorn for your viewing pleasure.
- Still on the search for #400: Marian Hossa. Would have really liked to see that drive work out in OT.
- Emery in the shootout, woof city.
- Giving up three out of four points to a team like the ‘Yotes is horseshit. Maybe come out an defend like you know how, or I don’t know HIT SOMEONE.

Aside from the terrible shootout performance, the question now is does Cool Hand Q send Corey back out on the horse? Or does he sit him in favor of Emery in Thursday night’s tilt with the Islanders? How about that realignment huh? I for one am super pumped about a home and home with every team in the league and happy with the fact that Detroit didn’t get their way. Suck it cry babies.

Bed Bugs Bye
Bed Bugs Bye

Jonathan Toews is the best player for me.. He is the reason why I always watch their games. Thanks for the info.

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