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Deep Cuts From the Blackhawks Christmas Album | December | 2011 Articles

Deep Cuts From the Blackhawks Christmas Album

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

One more for old times sake. What do ya say?


The Chicago Blackhawks are releasing a Christmas album complete with all your favorite holiday classics such as Bickell Bells, Frolik Navidad, and Patrick Sharp is Coming to Town.  But just like legends of rock like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Miley Cyrus the best tracks aren't the ones that you'll hear on the radio.  They're the ones with the 12 minute drum solos and great guitar riffs. I'm talkin about the deep cuts.

BHDL operatives were able to get their hands on a copy of the cd early, and lucky for you, we've found the real hits that will stand the test of time.  Here's our top 5 from the cd.

I Dressed Up as Santa and You Saw Me Kissing Your Mommy - Patrick Kane

Kaner's response to the Christmas hit I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus finally exposes who Jimmy Boyd's mommy was kissing underneath the mistletoe.  Fun fact: Both the original and the sequel have been condemed by the Roman Catholic Church, a first in music history.

Sacrebleu Christmas - Crisobal Huet

After posting a 2.86 GAA for HC Fribourg-Gotteron of the Swiss A League, the Man From France recorded his take on the song Blue Christmas, popularized by Elvis Presley.  BHDL was able to catch up with Cris who said "You know, I taught it was appropreeeate cuz da Elvees died on da crapper, you know. And my career kinda did da same ting dere."

Olimb Got Run Over By A Freight Train - Kyle Beach

Kyle Beach's most notable moment in a jersey with the indianhead on the front (technically it was a practice jersey) was at the 2010 Prospects Camp where he beat the crap out of Mathis Olimb twice on consecutive shifts.  Olimb injured his shoulder during the second fight and neither player has played with the Hawks since. Olimb has since returned to Europe, where he is playing with the Frolunda Indians.  Beach, meanwhile, is still celebrating his victory with this cheerful song.

All I Want For Christmas Is You - AndrewBHDL

I'm actually a little embarassed.  I'm not sure how the Hawks got their hands on this recording.  The only person who was supposed to hear it was Tuomo Ruutu.  Must have been when I was playing it Say Anything style outside of Rudy's window.  On a related note, anyone know of a good restraining order lawyer?

I'm Gettin' Nothin for Christmas - Michael Frolik

With lyrics such as "I play like I've been sniffin' glue / I made Andrew eat a shoe / My play has been stinky poo / Somebody snitched on me" I'll be making sure Frolik doesn't get any Christmas presents until he scores 15 more goals this year.


Christmas is about giving sharing and Fashion as well, I love the him in wearing Santa hat!

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@AndrewBHDL Sorry, @ZachaaryPerry! I messed up because I went directly from the Christmas album to the 36 hours. Both awesome.


@Schwarziest @AndrewBHDL haha no worries. Even my Dad didn't know I wrote that. Hopefully I somehow top that.

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