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Patrick Kane's Next 36 Hours | December | 2011 Articles

Patrick Kane's Next 36 Hours

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

In case you missed it, Patrick Kane was the subject of the first episode of NHL 36 on Versus. The crews followed around Kane and his father in the 36 hours leading up to the game on December 5 against Phoenix.

It was pretty well done, but left the viewer wanting more. Well have no fear, here at BHDL, we have an EXCLUSIVE look as to what Patrick Kane did in the 36 hours following the game.
Hour 1: Deal with post game media scrums. Field questions about how awesome Toews' pass to me was so I can end my dry spell. Well, the on-ice dry spell.

Hour 1:15: Get asked about the crowd. Give same answer I've been giving since I came into the league.

Hour 2: Go home and change but not have dad by side for the first time in 36 hours. Wonder why he was at practice, anyway. And why was he wearing my Stanley Cup ring?

Hour 3: Get texts from Carcillo telling me I look like Justin Bieber. Remind Carcillo that he's not hte first person to hear of most of the bands he plays on his Radio show.

Hour 4: Arrive at Underground. Realize it's a Monday night.

Hour 5: Head home.

Hour 5:30: Go to bed.

Hour 13: Wake up. Realize that since the cameras are not around, I don't have to start my day with a burrito. Eat normal practice.

Hour 14: Get call from PR team asking if I want to post anything on my Twitter. Forget what Twitter is. Decide not to to do anything.

Hour 15: Check Deadspin to see if I've got caught acting like a 23 year-old making millions of dollars a year.

Hour 15:05: Realize I haven't. Nobody cares anyway.

Hour 16: Work out in public area so stupid rumors don't start about me missing practice.

Hour 18: Get asked about how great the crowd was when I was working out. Act confused. Go on with day.

Hour 19: Get calls from Burish. Listen to him talk about Dallas ice crew. Get jealous.

Hour 19:30: Remind Burish that I can't carry the economy of Wrgielville's bars on my own.

Hour 20: Dinner. Now would be a much better time for a Burrito.

Hour 21: Settle in to watch Blues/Red Wings. Always important to keep on with what's going on in the division.

Hour 21:05: Fall asleep.

Hour 22: Wake up. Skype with girlfriend.

Hour 22:30: Be sad she's in Buffalo. But then again, be happy that I'm not in Buffalo.

Hour 24: See Discover comercial. Wonder if a worse comercial could ever be made.

Hour 25: Somehow see comercial for whatever Dell product I apparently endorse. Remember how awesome that is.

Hour 26: Take shower. Go to bed. Shortly after, get woken up by Carcillo blasting El Camino. Remind him, again, that he's not the first person to listen to the Black Keys.

Hour 34: Wake up.

Hour 35: Go to White Palace Grill.

Hour 36: Practice. Realize how bad of an idea White Palace really was. Mentally prepare to deal with mindless media questions, but at no point do I wonder why Smith wasn't on top line.


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