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Wait, this isn't the concrete jungle where dreams are made of? - Blackhawks @ Islanders Preview | December | 2011 Articles


Wait, this isn't the concrete jungle where dreams are made of? - Blackhawks @ Islanders Preview

Written by Hattie on .

Dave Bolland Death Stare: Engaged

Game Time: 6:00pm
TV/Radio: CSN/WGN 720
Maybe Jay-Z will buy us too and move us to Brooklyn: Islanders Hockey Blog

Here we are again, a game against the Islanders. Hopefully on the twoish hour plane ride the Blackhawks mulled over the fact that they have to PLAY DEFENSE if they want to win games, let alone finish them in 60 minutes. Or we all could be so lucky if someone wanted to remind the Islanders they are terrible at hockey. Doubt that will happen though considering the Islanders have won four of their last five.

That’s right, save for the checkers match loss in Chicago last Friday, the Islanders have won (in pretty convincing fashion) against some decent teams. Including a four goal game by Matt Moulson against Dallas. (Thanks for the fantasy points bro.) All of this has been done without a few key players on the Islanders bench. Seriously, what the hell happened in that game against Dallas? Rick “Glass Statue” DiPietro has been out since with a groin strain/swollen lymp nodes/stab wound. Michael Grabner and Nino Niederreiter have also been out with various not so day-to-day injuries since that same game as well. Thunderdome?

In this season’s edition of don’t call it a goalie controversy: Ray Emery will get the start in net over a struggling Corey Crawford. The rest of the lineup looks to be the same it’s been the past few games with Bickell up in the press box and Benny Smith on the ice. Bolland participated in a non-game skate situation at practice yesterday for the first time in I don’t remember when. I know I’m not the only one who has been wondering if he’s got more of a serious injury than we’re all lead to believe.

Toews and Kane are still in the tops of the goals and assists categories though a few players have tied them since the last game. That final regulation goal in the Phoenix game by Kane assisted by Toews shows just how dangerous those two can be together. Kane’s goal was also his first since mid-November in Vancouver. Also worth noting: Marian Hossa is still on the hunt for goal #400.

It’s no secret to anyone that offensively speaking the Blackhawks are on a ridiculous tear, but as talented as their defense looks on paper there is much to be desired. I feel like I write about it in every wrap or preview the past few weeks: defense needs to be tighter, clean up the defense, OH MY GOD DO I NEED TO SEND BEERS COOKIES TO BRIBE YOU TO PLAY DEFENSE. So yeah, it’d be nice if the d-corps make the trip to New York.

That’s all I’ve got, let’s hope the Nassau Coliseum doesn’t crumble underneath them and the Blackhawks come out with the two points. Play 60 because for the love of god, Emery in the shootout is nothing I want to end my night with.

Let’s go Hawks!


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