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Emery Gets Try-Out With Blackhawks | July | 2011 Articles

Emery Gets Try-Out With Blackhawks

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

This pretty much sums up how happy I am about this.

According to ESPN, Ray Emery will be given a try out with the Hawks during camp.  This is some pretty awesome news.  I've really liked Emery for a while now.  The guy is a bit eccentric and has had some attitude problems in the past.  Honestly though, I wouldn't want to show up if I had to play goalie for the Senators either.

Emery was recovering from a devastating hip injury for most of the past two seasons (we could've been facing him in the SCF instead of Leighton).  He came back at the end of last year for the Ducks when Jonas Hiller hit the floor.  All in all, he played pretty well for them.

Ray could be a very good backup and could handle a solid workload to relieve some pressure from Crawford, who had to be a horse for the Hawks down the stretch.  This would also add some depth to the weakest position in the Blackhawks organ-I-zation.  Salak would be able to play in RockVegas and get lots of reps while re-adjusting to the North American game (Salak played in the AHL in 2009-10 and the  Swedish Elite League in 10-11).

Off the ice, Emery is an interesting dude.  He's an amateur boxer and an avid boxing fan.  His goalie masks in the past have featured Rocky, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Mike Tyson.

Emery Mask

Did we mention that Emery is an amateur boxer?  It bears mentioning a few times.  Because sometimes he does awesome stuff like this:

So we have two fights against defensemen.  One where he's laughing at the guy and the other where he pummels the guy.  The UC crowd would eat this stuff up.

KellyPuckDrunk moderator

I'm sure if we sign him and Stan asks him "Hey, Ray, can you put this hat on for me?" we'll have no problems....

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