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Who To Root For? Wings or Sharks? | May | 2011 Articles

Who To Root For? Wings or Sharks?

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .



After the elimination of the Predators to the Canucks, and the push of the Sharks/Wings series to a seventh game tonight, Blackhawk fans have had a difficult decision to make: Who should I root for?

Yes, if you want to be a total stick in the mud and just enjoy the spectacle of it all, you don’t have to root for anyone, but then you wouldn’t get the thrill of telling everyone you were right or the pain of everyone yelling at you for being wrong.

So who should we root for tonight? The Sharks or the Wings?

It’s real easy kids. Detroit is who you should throw your support behind and here’s why.

The Sharks are the Canucks Lite This year

And what I mean by that is they have all the talent in the world, and instead of just coming out and beating teams into submission with their skill, they whine and complain about everything that doesn’t go their way. Their big name players dive. They’re choke artists. And don’t you dare tell me the ‘Nucks aren’t because they won Game 7 against us. That game shouldn’t have even HAPPENED. They don’t really have any likeable players outside of one or two.

The Wings Have (or SHOULD Have) Our Respect

We hate the Wings because they’ve been consistently good forever. They have what we want in an organization. Amazing drafting and development. Depth. A rabid fan base. A historic arena. A dump of a city. They have one of the only players on the planet that causes awe amongst his peers on a constant basis (Datsyuk). A bevy of Stanley Cups (11). Outside of Todd Bertuzzi, I don’t really hate any of their guys the way I hate the Sedins, Luongo, Bieksa, Thornton, and Murray for example.

Finally, History Would Be Made

Not only would history be made if the Wings were to win and become the fifth team in NHL history to come back from a 0-3 deficit in a series to win, but the Sharks would be trampled into the Dark Ages. The Bruins have already overcome their demons from last year by sweeping the Flyers and not already having a “choke” label attached to them. The Sharks have five years of playoff futility under their belts already and this would make Shark fans burn jerseys, rip up tickets, and legally rename the kids that they named after Vincent Damphousse. How fun would that be?

I would certainly feel horrible for Antti Niemi though. I love the guy, I still love watching him flop all over the place and keeping his team in games. But fuck him, he’s not on the Hawks anymore, so I can root against him.


And with that…*puts on best Tony Kornheiser voice* WHO YA GOT!?


Meant to reply to this yesterday, but only to disagree. In true sibling rivalry fashion, I didn't want to give Wings fans more ammunition by seeing their team accomplish something we couldn't.

I'm worried about the contingent of "WE SHOULDA KEPT NIEMI" fans that'll come out of the woodwork if Niemi makes it to the Cup Finals though, so I'd almost like to see the Canucks win the West.


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