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5chneider'd, Coreys with an E do it better : Blackhawks 5 - Canucks 1 | November | 2011 Articles

5chneider'd, Coreys with an E do it better : Blackhawks 5 - Canucks 1

Written by Hattie on .

“Adios muchacho.”

Hey, how about that. A redemtion game of whatever you'd like to call the game on 11/6. Games against Columbus, Calgary and Edmonton it was great to get the W, but the real test was if the Blackhawks could keep it rolling into a game with one of their biggest rivals.

First period: yawn city.

Wouldn’t stay 0-0 for long as Jannik Hansen scores just 40 seconds into the second period. The Blackhawks answer back during a Kesler penalty with another second unit PP goal by Andrew Brunette. Minutes later not wanting to continue to be shown up by the second power play unit, the first unit strikes with a goal by Patrick Kane. Thanks to Sami Salo for the assist and Burrows for taking the penalty in the first place. Second period was a nice breath of fresh air for Corey Crawford as the Blackhawks finally decided to play in the offensive zone.

Higgins took the first penalty of the third period and it would be the only time the Blackhawks wouldn’t convert on the power play. Crawford had an amazing save on a Duncan Keith flub-up give away to Hansen. Hossa bringing some heat and received a roughing penalty (lol, he didn’t want to be out done by Kane having one already) along with Hansen. Daniel Sedin forgetting that if you come at the king, you best not miss... Crawford won’t deal with your shit. Then what I like to refer as ten minutes of glory happens. Hossa streaks towards the net, Stalberg picks up his rebound and makes a perfect dish to Toews to make it 3-1 Blackhawks. The Sharp Shooter is back first goal in six games for that guy, 4-1 Blackhawks. Then the all mighty hockey jesus Steve Montador closes out the game with a snipe making it 5-1.

Things I liked:
- Duncan Keith really stepping it up, especially with his partner in crime out. I wouldn’t complain if this Duncan Keith stuck around. (except for that giveaway on the first PP iin the third period.)
- Corey Crawford continued solid play... plus he punched Daniel Sedin which was awesome.
- Marian Hossa is hell bent on having a permanent spot on this list.
- Jonathan Toews = five goals in five games.
- Steve Montador = four goals in five games.
- Okay, that last ten minutes of the game was glorious.
- Disciplined Blackhawks remembered where the Canucks hurt them most last game and didn’t have to play on the PK once.

Things I didn’t like:
- Burrows’ face, but hey thanks for that second period penalty bro.
- Bieska’s face.
- Stalberg not moving his feet and quitting before the whistle was blown, hope he enjoyed that earful he got from cool hand Q.
- Tater’s nasty fall into the boards.

Great way to start the long trip, especially with Seabrook out. Always feels pretty good to win one in Riot VanCity. Hopefully the Blackhawks can keep rolling through to the weekend and the Canadian leg of the circus trip. Continuing to snap up points in the early months of the season is a nice change of pace from last season.

7-1 with John Scott on the ice in the lineup - #JohnScottASG


Another caption for the picture might be, "I fell off my Hoss."

Hopefully Kane took the bus home last night, not a taxi, limo ot heaven forbid, unicorn..


Adios Muchacho - brilliant caption

Scott's the key, set him free, Q, set him free!

The Sedin's faces nauseate me also.

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