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Announcing a New Endeavor for @KellyPuckDrunk: Puck Drunk Love | November | 2011 Articles

Announcing a New Endeavor for @KellyPuckDrunk: Puck Drunk Love

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

I have some extremely exciting news to announce to the BHDL world today. A few weeks ago, I was approached by the guys at Bloguin about a Puck Daddy style NHL blog. Along with Tim Jervis (@TimPuckDrunk) and Graeme Nichols (@GraemeNichols) from the6thsens.com, I'll be a main editor and feature writer for the new site. We named the new site Puck Drunk Love and you can check us out at puckdrunklove.com, on Twitter at @puckdrunklove and liking us is available over on the Puck Drunk Love page on Facebook. You can also email us over at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

I'll be bringing my usual brand of sarcasm, humor and analysis to the new site. My irregular Stories of a Bender and photoshops will be making weekly appearances at the new site. We're already in discussions about doing a podcast on a regular basis as well.

In addition to the three of us, we'll also have three staff writers with possibly more to come. We're going to have great stuff posting every day. In talking with Tim and Graeme, the site will have some great stuff going on, so please check us out and blab to your friends about it.

I'd be ignorant if I didn't thank Andrew for asking some joker he didn't know to join his blog and pretty much allowing me to run wild. I've grown as a writer and person because of it. Thanks. You rock.

I also have to thank all of you reading this drivel. I wouldn't have had this opportunity if not for the lovers, haters and promoters of my writing. And to all of you who I have talked about my writing with and have been super supportive (you know who you are) thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Don't worry though, I'm still going to be writing here and trolling like before, I'll just be doing it elsewhere too. So again please check out Puck Drunk Love.

And thank you. You all are what make this fun.