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Arch Badness: Blues 3 Blackhawks 0 | November | 2011 Articles

Arch Badness: Blues 3 Blackhawks 0

Written by Zach Perry on .


Parting away Hawks' shots all night. 

John Scott played 11 minutes and 16 seconds tonight. Do I really need to continue the recap?

The Blackhawks came into St. Louis facing a team with something to prove. The Blues quit on their second coach in a row and now have Ken Hitchcock behind the bench. Maybe that lit a fire under the ass of some of those guys. Rumors have been flying that certain players could be on their way out of the trap. With all that being said, one team came to play and the other seem uninterested.

It took less than 10 minutes for everybody to realize that the train wreck pairing of John Scott and Steve Montador was a bad idea. A failed Scott poke-check led to a nifty pass from Kevin Shattenkirk and a nice finish by Vladimir Sabotka to put the Blues 1 up. While that was how the period ended, the Hawks just looked uninterested the entire time. The Blues were beating the Hawks to pucks, more willing to go after pucks and sticking to their system. Also, Carcillo got owned again. Not a good first couple fights for him.

The second period led to Chris Stewart remembering that he can go about the other teams zone at whatever pace he wants which led to a nice deflection. Oh, and it came on the power play. Who would have thought that the Hawks would struggle to kill penalties, even against a team like the Blues? In the second, the Hawks got a couple of chances on the power play which were both promptly wasted. The one good part about the second period? Dave Bolland came back after looking like he was hurt!

The third period brought line changes and no results. Then Crawford decided to get in on the crapfest by letting a TJ Oshie wrist shot get past him to seal the game for the Blues. I guess if Crawford was going to let in a bad goal, might as well have joined the all-around bad effort by the Hawks. While Toews did look like he was approaching angry mode in the third, it was all for nothing. The Hawks tried some desperate line changes and even let something called an Olesz play with Sharp and Kruger. Viktor Stalberg was also given time along lines of all different kinds and when Dan Carcillo wasn’t taking dumb penalties, he was trying to make his presence known in front of net. A reminder: the Hawks didn’t score tonight.

Other thoughts:

-Good to see Keith back and logging almost 25 minutes of ice time.
-Maybe we see daydream nation again? I won’t hold my breath, but still.
-As some alluded to, we wre all hoping for a President’s Day-esque “get your act together,” during
the first intermission that never came.

-I don’t get the massive changes. I mean yes, they looked awful on Sunday night but that doesn’t mean we need to dress Scott over smart players like O’Donnell and Lepisto.
-Speaking of which, Olesz didn’t look like anything good tonight. I know it’s a small sample size, but how much longer can he just hang around taking up cap space?
-The most disappointing thing about this game goes back to Sunday. The Hawks talked up the Canucks game in a way we don’t see them talk games up. They then came out and layed an egg. Instead of regrouping and responding, they came out and just looked like they didn’t want to be there. The Hawks have had plenty of good third periods this year so I won’t dwell on this. Just disappointing to see.
-At the end of the day, at least we don’t live in Missouri (Is aware I live in Nebraska).

-A trip to Ohio is on deck. Time to get back on track.


Why is everybody blaming Scott.In 4 games prior to Blues we gave up 17 goals, that's average 4+/game w Scott sitting in the press box.He's also not responsible for ZERO GF tonight or all season PP impotence.If it's him dressed or O'Donell/Lepisto is absolutely non factor here.