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Burnt Out - Flames Beat Blackhawks 5-2 | November | 2011 Articles

Burnt Out - Flames Beat Blackhawks 5-2

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Editor's Note: Tonight's recap was written by guest writer Brendan Brown, who is taking tonight's recap and tomorrow's preview.

The first period was pretty hectic, super fast paced and generally loose defensively. The Leddy/Keith combo looked really bad. Kipprusoff was solid through some fairly good odd man rushes. Six minutes into the game Duncan Keith got danced by Lee Stempniak in a one-on-one that ended with Crow being beat. Flames jump ahead by one, apparently Duncan's "super-human lungs" didn't show up tonight, fucking guy had rocks for feet! Tazer made quick work of levelling the score with a tick-tac-toe open cage set-up to Viktor Stalberg. Vik didn't miss and the period ended one-one for everyone. It was stand up from your seat hockey!

The second period however, was pure shit. The flames got goals from Borque and Byron and another from Glencross on a redirect from Bouwmeester. Our defence was gross once again. Thankfully Keith chipped in on offence, he made a perfect cross-ice pass that 81 ripped past Kipper. Oh yeah, Tanguay whiffed on a gaping cage with 3 minutes to go in the frame. We almost started the third down three goals. Is Brent Seabrook feeling any better yet?

We didn't do much awesome hockey playing in the third. Glencross is a fucker. He came in with a breath-taking Craig Smith impression on another defensive lapse from the good guys and somehow managed to get his own sloppy seconds to score and shutdown any hopes of a Hawks comeback.

All said and done, we lost 2-5 to the Flames. The Calgary flames. That shit doesn't sit well for me and I'm hoping like mad our defence can get it together without Seabs.

Tomorrow we face a bunch of children in Edmonton, all is not lost, we are still #1 overall and our boy Pat Kane is actually looking good in the center slot.

Go hawks, Praise Hossa.


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