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I Refuse To Call This Coyote Ugly. Coyotes 4 Hawks 1 | November | 2011 Articles


I Refuse To Call This Coyote Ugly. Coyotes 4 Hawks 1

Written by Zach Perry on .

(If you follow me on twitter, you’ll realize I’m making the same joke in 3 days but in my defense, this was really the best way to put it.)

After a strong finish to the circus trip, the Hawks looked to keep on with their winning ways against Phoenix. As pointed out by some, the Hawks hadn’t lost in the first game back from the trip since the lockout.

Well, that streak’s over.

I’m keeping this brief as the Hawks were just played out of their own barn tonight.

-It seemed like after the Langkow goal the Hawks just gave up. The team was playing well up until that point but had been afraid to shoot the puck. If there was any wind the Hawks’ sails, then it was all gone after that.

-Crawford was really bad tonight (4 goals against on 17 saves), maybe even his worst game as a Hawk. He hasn’t been himself lately, that’s for sure. That being said I’m not too worried. Crawford has shown that he can be the guy.

-However, why not give Emery a run on Friday and Saturday? I know playing him on back-to-back nights isn’t most ideal situation (and add to the fact that we get Phoenix again next week), but Q has not had a problem showing certain guys the press box for a couple games (Yes, I know Craw won’t be up there, but you get the idea).

-Yes, Phoenix always plays a defensive system, but it took the Hawks more than nine minutes to get a shot on goal in the second period. Then shortly after that, Doan scored (the first of a hand-full at the UC, some may hope) and you could sense the Hawks frustration grow. It seemed like nobody wanted to shoot the puck. 

-Hammer was a -3.

-Bickell had 6:41 of ice time which was far and away the lowest for all Blackhawks. If that doesn’t send a message to him then I don’t know what will. Hopefully Ben Smith will get yet another chance to change the landscape of the National Hockey League.

-I’m actually a Carcillo fan, but tonight was not his best return to the team. I know he has a role to play, but who are some of these guys that he was going after tonight? Not exactly the goons that Phoenix has.

-Mike Smith owns the United Center.

-Hey, the PK did NOT allow a goal! Progress!

-Islanders on Friday, Blues on Saturday. Plenty of time to see some annoying lines in practice that will surely drive us all crazy.

-In the grand scheme of things, I’m still not worried about the Hawks. We have seen the type of hockey they are capable of playing and it’s all about rediscovering that niche. But the team is in a stretch to really create some separation from the rest of the conference. This is a big few weeks for the team.

-Finally, please stop talking about the Hawks getting Bobby Ryan. Thanks.

-Go Hawks.


wouldnt Niemi look good in the Hawks uniform about now, with Halmersssson and Crawford wearing a Shark?


Crawford looks lost since the 5th or 6th game.

another month of this and its time to shop for a goalie.


Can i talk about Ovechkin then?

hard to pin that one on crow IMO. wasn't great, but that was the worst defensive effort i've seen all year.

I'd say emery friday and crow against the blues - I want to beat those knuckleheads so bad.

I thought Carcillo looked more like the early season Carbomb. He didn't have to pick on langkow - that was sort of futile, but all in all I appreciated his effort.

Mama told us there's be days like this.

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