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Ducks Hunted | Blackhawks 6 - Ducks 5 | November | 2011 Articles


Ducks Hunted | Blackhawks 6 - Ducks 5

Written by Hattie on .

"Anyone else have anything to say? No? Yeah, that's what I thought."

Remember when the Ducks scored two goals within the first three minutes of the game, the Blackhawks didn’t even get a shot on net until six minutes in, and the first two periods were absolutely abysmal?

Then between the second and third period I went to check my mail and a package from the Blackhawks was in my mailbox. I had won a signed puck (player unknown) about a month ago in some twitter contest and it had finally come. I was stoked to see who it was signed by. I open it, and it’s signed by none other than Mr. ASG himself... John Scott. I had a hearty laugh and hoped for a better third period.

Apparently this John Scott puck has some magic in it as within three and a half minutes the Blackhawks had not only taken the lead in the game but Patrick Sharp had a hattrick. Continued awesomeness from the third period: Jonathan Toews completing the game with five points, four of them coming in that final 20 minutes.

Hit the jump for a real wrap.

The first period as I said earlier was terrible. I was in my cupboards looking for the whiskey I thought I had left over from a previous night, but none was to be found. It took over six minutes for the Blackhawks to get their first shot on goal, and it went in handsomely by none other than Patrick Sharp. Pentalies ahoy for both teams with the Ducks and Hawks trading power play goals ending the first in a 3-2 lead by the Ducks.

Second period was a bit tighter, until about midway through when Bobby Ryan made it 4-2 Ducks with a tip-in. Trending in the right direction, but nothing to show for it the Hawks ended up with 17 shots on the period and the Ducks with only five.

Then came the glory of the third period. Jonathan Toews’ toe redirects a Duncan Keith shot making it 4-3 and just 28 seconds later, Patrick Sharp ties the game with his second goal on the night. Cut to two minutes later, Patrick Sharp scores again. Cue the flying hats! Toews gets a power play goal, giving him a four point period. The Ducks would score with seconds left but too little to late as the Blackhawks would pull out the come from behind win.

Things I liked:
- Jonathan Toews: making up for his zero points in the previous two games gets FIVE tonight, four in the third period alone.
- Patrick Sharp finally clicking.
- Marcus Kruger: 8-for-8 at the dot, including winning four in the offensive zone. Five against Ryan Getzlaf.
- The majority of the third period.
- Hey! Good to see Seabrook back out there after missing four games.

Things I didn’t like:
- I am a big Corey Crawford fan and not blaming the goalie for all goals against, but he hasn’t looked as solid in his past few games.
- Three goals in the first period against. Tighten the D, better tending, better everything needed.
- Not saying all penalties are bad, but with a semi-clownshoes penalty kill (seriously, last in the league) not taking penalties or cleaning up that PK would be nice.

It was great to see the Blackhawks not bend over and take it after getting down by a few goals like they had don previously in the trip *cough* edmonton *cough*. They can resuscitate the circus trip with a win in LA against a struggling Kings team.

Let’s go hawks, end this roadie on a good note.

The lucky puck I should carry with me everywhere from now on... #JohnScottASG
scott puck


You lucky dog! It's almost like you made that story up. It better be placed in a prominent spot in your home, it's obviously a good luck charm, possibly another affirmation that Q knows something we don't know.

On Toews first goal, I was listening on the radio and troy murray pointed something out. It took Keith a few secoonds to pull the trigger on that shot. Troy said he himself was thinking , "Shoot, shoot it," and then he realized Keith was waiting for soem traffic to materialize in front of the net. As much as I love Scott, I don't think he makes that play.

Brunette's assist was a beauty, I'm starting to like him more and more. Especially on our 2nd PP unit. don't ask me why but Bolls/Freddy/Bruno/Leddy/Montador has been in beast mode. Don't mees with this,Q

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