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Friday Night Thunder

Written by Hattie on .

"I'll just take this... yep... I thank you sir."

Game Time:
6:30pm CST
TV/Radio: CSN (and NHL Network)/WGN 720
Know Your Foe: Lightning Hockey Blog

Hey, how about that skills competition last night, huh? Even with the longer game I’m sure the Blackhawks will be rested considering they took the third period off, making them ready for tonight’s tilt against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Seabrook/Hjalmarsson paring played monster minutes last night, along with a big night from O’Donnell and Leddy. I don’t know if it was just the look of Leddy without the horse Keith out there with him, but he looked poised and natural with the puck. I’ve really enjoyed watching Leddy continue to up his game. With Keith out again, the defense will have to continue step it up. Emery is good, but no one should be seeing 40+ shots. As luck would have it for Emery and the Blackhawks, the TBL have scored three goals while taking 58 shots total in their previous two games.

Cool Hand Q has hinted for a few days now that Emery will get the start in net. Barring a miracle, Duncan Keith will likely be out. Making it just Keith’s seventh missed game of his career. Granted they are in Florida and that state somehow keeps the old folks alive for years on end, so maybe there’s some special fountain Duncs can take a drink from and be a-okay to go.

Maybe tonight, the Blackhawks won’t sit on a one goal lead through the third. Coasting through 20 minutes isn’t going to get them anywhere unless it’s tied or losing. Continuing to be aggressive and crashing the net (like that first goal last night) is what’s going to work.

Hopefully this game is where that Sharp guy can get going again. He only has one goal and two assists in the last five games. While most would be decently happy with this, that’s not Sharpy. He’s looked snakebitten more than a couple times in the past couple games. Not to be all “SHOOT DA PUCK”, but at times I want to throw things at my tv.

That line of Kane, Hossa and Sharp is lethal though, I'd love to see the continuation of gritty work and solid passes. I'm still watching the replay of Hossa's goal from last night. They work so fast and smooth that sometimes you just sit back and say, "whoa". Don't mind me, just turning into mush over here over the second line.

Programming reminder: Pavel Kubina is the kind soul who threw a nice little elbow into the noggin of Dave Bolland at the end of last season. Which kept Bolland out until the middle of the first round of the playoffs. The way Jamal Mayers is in constant “Doesn’t Take Shit From Anyone” mode and Carcillo without a fight on the year yet, I’m assuming both will be in the mix and ready for some fun.

Lightning related, Old Bones Roloson gets the start in net and on the heels of the “Is it Legal?” shootout moves of Danny Briere, let me remind you of the shit that happened last time the Blackhawks were in the Sunshine State. So yeah no one needs to see that again, let’s get this game done in 60.

Let’s go hawks!


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