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I Want a Tesla Coil Too: Hawks 4 @ Lightning 5 | November | 2011 Articles

I Want a Tesla Coil Too: Hawks 4 @ Lightning 5

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

So I'm not entirely sure what happened last night. The Hawks and the Lightning did not do much by way of denting twine in the first period, the second period saw an explosion of goals the likes of which was last seen in a game between Winnipeg and Philadelphia, and then the third period saw both teams laying low content to play for a point. Well, that may be pushing it a bit much, but there were a total of eight goals scored in that frame alone, half per team.

Stamkos opened the scoring fifteen seconds into the second period, but Patrick Sharp was quick to get it back less than a minute later. When Connolly tied it up the Hawks again had an answer in Hossa. It seemed as though the Hawks had everything under control, however, because in a span of 1:05 minutes after Hossa scored the goal Carcillo and Sharp followed with two successive ones themselves.

Then Stamkos happened.

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Left down low, undefended, multiple times, he scored twice (including one in the last minute of the period) to tie up the game and complete his hat trick.

The Lightning's first line made the Hawks pay every time they got a chance, including overtime when Lecavalier found a clear shot past Emery, and that is why we'll only go home with a point, 3 total over the Father/Son Trip out of a possible 4.

Our track record with these family bonding trips are never very good, so I'll take it, I guess. Next up is Vancouver, a team that's been struggling a bit in their last few games, so we're likely to face their wrath this Sunday. Or not, but I'm not going to take chances. Let's go Hawks.


  • So this is what happens when Duncan Keith is out, I guess? Where were the goddamn defensemen tonight? I know Stamkos is a great kid, and I guess playing against the Indianhead ensures he has a super-extra-amazing dose of awesome infused into his game or something, but his goals tonight weren't sniper calibre. They were opportunistic goals and easy tap-ins because our blueliners had no idea he was snuck up behind him, or couldn't stop him from rushing to the front of the net to poke in that rebound. It's part of what makes him a great hockey player, obviously, but good god get it together. I doubt Keith returns anytime soon despite Quenneville's noncommittal answers.
  • So now that Patrick Sharp has scored, he's going to keep scoring again, right? That'd be nice.
  • Carcillo's got hands. When I looked up to see him streaking down and then score top shelf at first I thought it was Sharp. My roommate thought it was Hossa. We saw it was Carcillo and we both LOLed. That was awesome though.
  • Kane's pass to Sharp tonight was, as always, a treat to watch. Damn this guy's good.
  • Where were the hats?

I thought it was Kaner. LOL indeed. Who woulda thunk it?


$eeing this whole Dad'$ Roadtrip thing, all I could think about wa$ the expen$e. Have you learned nothing from me Rocky?


Glad I don't have to pay time-and-a-half for all these OT games.