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I've Had Hangovers Pan Out Better Than This - Blackhawks Fall 6-2 to Canucks | November | 2011 Articles

I've Had Hangovers Pan Out Better Than This - Blackhawks Fall 6-2 to Canucks

Written by Hattie on .

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"I've had hangovers pan out better than this shit..."

I had a bad feeling about this one. Hearing Duncs was still out, had read a lot of the trash talk in the Tribune earlier in the day and it felt like the Blackhawks were underestimating. I left my parents house this afternoon telling my mom that it was probably going to be bad and she should be glad they wouldn't be able to watch it. Sorry for the jinx y'all. As much as the dad's trip was a "fun time" and a "different experience", that longer than necessary road trip down to Florida came back to bite 'em. Also, talking trash is great, always fun to read and get a little fired up over... but come out and show something if you're going to do it.

The Blackhawks were lucky to be tied after the first period was completed. Penalties by both teams, but the Canucks were the only ones to cash in on the power play. This would be the beginning of a pattern. Tater's wrister from the left side was a minor misstep in Luongo's game tonight.

Second period started off with Kane in the box serving a roughing penalty (LOL) and Rome pots one for the Canucks second power play goal of the night. More of the same when Bickell got called for boarding and Daniel Sedin makes the game 3-1 just five minutes into the period. A couple of Canucks penalties come and go without much of anything from the Blackhawks (surprise, surprise). Carcillo gets in his first fight as a Blackhawk, if you would even really call it much of a fight. Ended a little too early for me. Freddy make's an acrobatic tip in from a Mayers shot to bring the Blackhawks within one. Canucks don't let that last long as 42 seconds later Hansen made it a 4-2 game. Another penalty, another PP goal for the Canucks and a Bieska/Mayers tussle close out the period.

The third period was a continuation of hot garbage and shooting themselves in the foot. Whatever happened with Carcillo is a little confusing to me as he was the one laying on the ice taking shots from Rome, but whatever. It happened, the Canucks didn't let up and the game ended in a 6-2 ass kicking.

Let's all take a minute to have a good chuckle about Kane getting a roughing penalty at the end of the first period.

Alright, enough with the chuckles...

If Patrick Kane is the one showing a little fight and grit for a snow shower on Crawford, the Blackhawks have bigger things to worry about. Maybe say... the power play?

Speaking of the power play, by the end of the night the Canucks had as many powerplay goals in one game as the Blackhawks have had ALL SEASON.


The only power play the Canucks DIDN'T score on tonight was the tail end of Carcillo's hi-sticking penalty in the first period. Watch some tape boys, maybe learn a thing or two on how to score on the power play or at least how to DEFEND A DECENT POWER PLAY.

I don't have any good things and all bad things to say about the game so no bullet points tonight. Losses like this suck especially when they are against the Canucks. Teams have these type of games and hopefully with games against St. Louis, Columbus and Calgary this week the Blackhawks can return to form and maybe even get a power play goal or two (don't worry, I won't hold my breath).

I'm not going to be surprised if lines get shaken up. Toews needs someone on that first line, frustration is starting to show and he's a lot better than what his numbers are. The Kane - Hossa - Sharp line has been one of the best in the leauge for the past two weeks, but they couldn't get it to click tonight. It'll be interesting with just one day off between games to see what happens at practice.

October is over, November isn't getting any easier or relaxing. Time to put on your big kid pants and play like you know how.


I think the silence and the fact that people were leaving in droves with seven minutes left spoke volumes. I was so angry and embarrassed by the whole affair from top to bottom. Q has reworked everything in practice today...let's see how THAT pans out.


Great caption under the Kane photo - pretty much summarized the whole night.

Danielle Priest
Danielle Priest

seriously! i wouldn't have minded Carcillo getting ridiculous penalties when he wasn't on the Hawks...he got it for being Carcillo! Fucking 'nucks...