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Stupid Babies: Hawks @ Canucks Preview: Trolling for Charity | November | 2011 Articles

Stupid Babies: Hawks @ Canucks Preview: Trolling for Charity

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .


As you may have already heard through several avenues, I'm providing a Canucks trolling post over at CanucksArmy.com at the request of @ArtemChubarov. If you read his post here, you can learn all about the Embrace the Hate campaign that he's running. Specifically, he's taken several noted trolls, myself included, to have a Best Troll competition. The winner gets $250 donated in their name to a charity of their choice.

I have humbly provided said troll post to them for today. The title? You Petulant, Entitled Brats. Enjoy. This serves as your preview for tonight's game. It should get you amped up sufficiently. ;)


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I love the photo you have here and I think this is really amazing!!I have to check some of the links here...


My brother--in the heat of an argument--recently questioned my mental (im?)balance because of my hate for Luongo and the Canucks. My reaction: well, you're just not paying attention, are you? And how can you NOT--for each and every reason you've mentioned. I read somewhere that the Hawks determined there would be more mental damage done if they were allowed to get that close...thaaaatt cloosssee...and nothing. I'm going with that.

There is something to be said for the miraculous healing power of the Sedins--as Bolly loops around the ice in slow lazy vulture like circles....