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We're not in Saskatoon anymore | Blackhawks 2 - Oil Slicks 9 | November | 2011 Articles


We're not in Saskatoon anymore | Blackhawks 2 - Oil Slicks 9

Written by Hattie on .

emery EDM
“Lee Corso said what today on College Game Day? Aww fuck it? I’m pretty sure I’m getting to that level here.”

If you weren’t able to see the game, but have it on the DVR, just go ahead and press delete on this one. Forget Saturday November 19th even happened. There was no game played in Edmonton tonight, at least by any team from Chicago.

First I was angry, then I turned into a parent who’s kid missed curfew and was “disappointed”. If you follow me on the twitters you got to see my progressively worse passive aggressive comments in 140 characters or less.

I know it’s still early in the season and the Oilers have had a great start, but this was beyond ridiculous. It’s not on one guy (the goalie), it’s not on one set of guys (defensemen), it’s on all of them. No one showed up tonight. This can’t all be a just missing Seabrook, or missing Taters sort of thing. This felt like a getting frustrated which just makes it worse sort of thing.

If you're a masochist and want to read the rest of the wrap, hit the jump.

Of the circus trip games, the Canadian leg was something that I thought would be a good few games, but not blowouts FOR THE OTHER TEAM. It blows my mind how much composure and great hockey there was when the Blackhawks took down the Canucks on the first game of the trip and how terribly they have handled themselves in the past two. It’s one thing to have a stinker game, but it’s another to not learn from the game and come back the next night to right the scale.

You simply cannot give up the puck to a line of 20 year olds with race cars for legs and expect them not to out skate you to the other end and score. It was like a broken record tonight watching that happen over and over. The neutral zone defense was invisible and the shots on goal were anything but close to the net. Terrible execution all around.

I know, I know, I don’t get it because I don’t have that extra chromosome and haven’t played hockey since I was in high school, but I also don’t get paid millions of dollars to put a puck in the net.

As for a wrap of the game, I’ll give y’all the bare bones. Oilers net one quick in the first minute of the game. All was not lost as Sharp and the first power play unit evened the score. The Oilers would then score four unanswered to close out the first period. Emery was pulled after giving up three goals on seven shots.

Emery was back out on the ice for the second period which gave way to a five on three all thanks to a Dave Bolland penalty on top of a double minor for the birthday boy, Oilers sink another making it 6-1. Bickell gets called for a delay of game and the Oilers bury yet another goal making it 7-1. Ben Eager helped his old friends from Chicago out by taking a penalty, Bolland scores the final goal the Blackhawks would get. Montador gets a goal waived off because of goalie interference and Kane jaws himself into a unsportsmanlike penalty to close out the period.

Third period.. um.. sorry my focus was beyond gone at this point. Taylor Hall got a hattrick. Not usually the way I like to see my name (Hattie) thrown around all over twitter, but hey it happens. Also, I saw John Scott on the PK? That happened? Right? I think I blacked out. The Edmonton fans would not get their wish of “10”, but the Oilers still prevailed over the Blackhawks 9-2.

Hopefully this stews in them over the next four days. It’s a lot of time between games so hopefully Cool Hand Q throws a bag skate or two at ‘em. Blackhawks are still sitting atop the NHL now tied with.. wait.. they're tied with the Wild for most points? Again, this stroke thing, I think it's happening. Regardless of being on top of the point standings with two terrible games now is the time to get fired up and take charge. Not February or March.

Chin up, cheer up. At least I’m not writing about a certain city the Blackhawks are stopping in on their way to California that I’m sure will be written about in lengths. AND this is only the second time the Blackhawks have dropped back to back games all season. They’ll learn from this and they're still a very good team. Games like the past few really show the holes that Stan Bowman should be thinking about with that cap cash if he wasn’t already (yeah right, he was).

Quite a few days off here then a meeting with Nemo and the Sharks in San Jose. Let's turn this trip around for the last leg shall we? 


Ice hockey is one of the games I'd love to watch. I enjoy the moves and amazed with the players expertise! I don't necessarily have a favored team, but only enjoy watching the game.

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