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Where's Your Crown, King Nothing? - Hawks 2, Kings 1 | November | 2011 Articles


Where's Your Crown, King Nothing? - Hawks 2, Kings 1

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Blackhawks rule, Kings suck donkey balls. Carcillo scratched. Let’s get to it.

Mere minutes into the first, a point shot from Duncan Keith was kicked wide through a ton of traffic from Dave Bolland. Andrew Brunette would corral the puck behind the net, wrap around the back of the net and bury the wide open chance. 1-0 Hawks.

The first period would end with the 1-0 score and the Hawks pretty much dominating play. Shots would wind up 10-6 in favor of the Hawks, but it did not seem that close to my eyes. Even the makeshift fourth line of Bickell/Mayers/Scott had two fantastic shifts, much to my surprise/dismay/disbelief.

Twelve minutes into the second, Matt Greene threw a shot towards the net that Keith got a piece of but went right to Jared Stoll. Stoll took a quick wrister that Corey Crawford just whiffed on. 1-1.

With just over three minutes remaining in the second, Jonathan Toews would win a faceoff in the Kings zone back to Duncan Keith. Keith would let a shot from the point fly which went wide, ricocheted of the boards and right to Toews waiting on the doorstep. 2-1 Hawks.

The second period would end 2-1, but was pretty much the opposite of the first with the Kings carrying most of the play during the period. However, the Hawks were able to match the only tally the Kings picked up, retaining their one goal lead heading into the third period.

The third period would see no scoring, but an intense finish as the Kings decided to show up for the last five minutes or so of the game. Crawford had a couple of big saves and the D had a couple of smart and solid plays to preserve the lead and clinch the win for the Hawks with a final of 2-1.

Random Observations:

  • That first goal was hilarious.
  • Steve Konroyd: “Scott & Westgarth had a great bout last year.” Yeah, if by “great bout” you mean “Westgarth got his face rearranged,” then yes, you’re correct Steve.
  • On reviewing the first goal, Marcus Kruger redirected the point shot which caused the whole thing to play out. Kid is rolling.
  • “Here’s Bickell...a long wrist shot doesn’t get through.”
  • Seabrook owning the entire Kings forwards corp without a stick was just a treat to watch.
  • When asked about the scouting report on Jonathan Quick, Andrew Brunette said “Well, I know he’s a goalie...”
  • Interesting to see on that penalty early in the second that Doughty’s arm getting love tapped causes his legs to turn to raw boneless chicken breasts.
  • #StalbergPorn - trust me, just look it up

Three Stars:

  1. Corey Crawford - Craw was lights out all night with the exception of his biffed save on the Kings only goal. Just solid stuff all night.
  2. Jonathan Toews - Toews picked up yet another goal tonight and was a monster all over the ice.
  3. Duncan Keith - Two assists, both on point shots (THAT ACTUALLY GOT THROUGH!) that were tapped in on rebounds.

Up Next: Coyotes at home on Tuesday.

Game in Photos:


The WGN feed in the third period.

Kings warmup skate

KopitarFace of the game?

My goal scoring prowess is significantly greater than your goalie’s ability to stop pucks.

I’ll just assume he’s looking for Batman.


Go go Hawks! I really enjoyed watching this game on TV...


You have to love those blue skates down at Millenium!

Nice wrap, loved the Bruno quote and your observation on Doughty

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