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All Tricks & No Treats - Hawks Fall 0-3 to Canes | October | 2011 Articles

All Tricks & No Treats - Hawks Fall 0-3 to Canes

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

The Blackhawks came into tonight’s tilt with a seven game point streak and looking to extend that to eight games. The Canes came in with a record of 3-3-3 and a very slow start from Eric Staal.

Three short minutes into the game, a faceoff was up for grabs and the Canes got the puck up to Tim Gleason at the point. Gleason let a wrister fly which was deflected by Tim Brent and past Corey Crawford to give the Canes a 1-0 lead.

The first would end with the 1-0 Canes lead after lots of sloppy and uninspired play by the Hawks. The Hawks just could not keep the puck on their sticks and keep possession in the Canes’ zone save for a couple of shifts by the Brunette/Toews/Sharp line.

With two and a half minutes remaining in the second, while the Hawks were on a power play, Seabrook couldn’t handle a tough pass from Hossa. Staal was able to chip it away and get a breakaway. Crawford would stop Staal, but Staal would earn a penalty shot based on a very weak hooking call against Seabrook. Staal came in on Crawford and stuttered a couple times, getting Crawford to bite to his left. When Staal went to Crawford’s right, he just couldn’t elevate it over the outstretched leg of Crawford. Still 1-0 Canes.

The second would finish with the 1-0 Canes lead still intact. The Hawks improved on generating chances and puck possession, but their play was still sloppy enough to prevent any serious chances that weren’t an individual (namely Toews) making a standout play.

After a Blackhawks power play ended five minutes into the third, Brent Seabrook lazily went for a loose puck by the penalty box right where Brendan Sutter was coming out. Sutter would chip the puck away from Seabrook, streak in alone, and beat Crawford to make it 2-0 Canes.

With under five minutes left in the third, Jiri Tlusty would put the final nail in the coffin. He and Brian Allen would come in on a 2-on-1 against Nick Leddy. Leddy would actually do a very good job of taking away the pass and then laying out to take away everything. Allen would still do very well at waiting until he had space to make a pass across to Tlusty to tap it home. 3-0 Canes, which is how it would end.

Random Observations:

  • Even though the hit by Carcillo in the first period wasn’t penalized, don’t be surprised if Shanahan gives him a phone call.
  • The Pat Foley Jussi Jokinen “Yune” or “Yuly” joke was just...ugggh.
  • I think it was “Bring your kid to work and let them be an audio engineer” day for CSN.
  • Pretty sure they need to get Andrew Brunette off the first line. Maybe get Stalberg back out there? (I did notice this was tried at least a couple times tonight.)
  • The Hawks couldn’t keep the puck on their sticks to save their lives tonight.
  • Oh wait, we just lost another faceoff.
  • At least our penalty killing looked good.
  • Pat Foley doing a Harry Caray impression? Good lord, please stop.

Three Stars:

  1. The Hawks Penalty Kill: The penalty kill is just destroying everything to start the season. The only way it could be better if they were scoring shorties.
  2. Jonathan Toews: Glad SOMEONE gave a damn tonight.
  3. The unpaid audio engineer intern in charge of the broadcast for CSN: Nice work, kid. Besides hearing Foley yelling at people about his mic, hearing the old chairs groaning in the press box, and having the board mics in one end turned up to 1200; you did a bang up job.

Up Next: The Blue Jackets Saturday night. Best make up for this stinker of an effort then.


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