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BHDL Infiltrates the Blackhawks' Costume Party | October | 2011 Articles

BHDL Infiltrates the Blackhawks' Costume Party

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Once again, your heroes at Blackhawks Down Low have come through in spades. We have been able to sneak into the Blackhawks' Halloween costume party and get exclusive pictures of the best costumes of the night. So without further delay, take a look at the great costumes!

Dave Bolland: Davey went as himself. Bolland’s Death Glare is known all throughout the NHL and beyond. There are few things more terrifying than Dave Bolland just starting a hole into your soul, all while not blinking for three and a half hours. The “Scariest Costume Contest” was decided once he walked in the door.

Jonathan Toews: Tazer dressed up as Coach Q. When asked why he dressed as Q, Toews commented that “this team needs to get its act together, so I figured I could have them do conditioning drills before and after the party.” It should be noted that Toews did not smile during this exchange.

Rostislav Olesz: Rusty dressed as a ghost...or...at least we assume he did, since he’s nowhere to be found.

Sami Lepisto: Sami dressed in his full gear and game uniform for the party. “I just really want to feel like I’m playing in an actual game,” he was heard commenting.

Assistant Coach Mike Kitchen: Showed up dressed up as Steve Urkel. As Kitchen walked into the party, Keith, Sharp, Hossa, Toews & Kane all magically had clown shoes appear on their feet. Kitchen was overheard asking “Did I do that?”

Sean O’Donnell & Steve Montador: Their “O Brother Where Art Thou” costume was a perfect fit, since they were already tied together with a bungee cord.

Daniel Carcillo: Carbomb decided to dress as an angel for the party. “What’s everyone looking at?”

Coach Joel Quenneville: Coach Q has a great Jabba the H...what’s that Q? You’re actually Barry Trotz? Wow. That’s even more impressive.