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Fallen to the Stars | Blackhawks Lose 2-1 | October | 2011 Articles

Fallen to the Stars | Blackhawks Lose 2-1

Written by Hattie on .

Did you all enjoy the Kari Lehtonen show in Dallas tonight?

Marian Hossa started the game working hard in his usual “being better than you beastmode”, but the rest of the team (aside from Patrick Kane’s 4-for-5 at the dot) wasn’t too quick to follow suit. Decent speed in the first period, lots of time in the offensive zone. Peppering of shots, a big hit by Bickell. 0-0 through the first 20.

Then came the second period. Within the first minute of the period a bad clearing by Keith lead to a Alex Goligoski slap shot which make it past Crawford putting the Stars up 1-0. After the Stars when up 2-0 on a Jamie Benn backhanded rebound it was affirmed, Corey Crawford has learned the way of the Dave Bolland death stare. Was good to see Steve Ott continues to go after heavyweights like Patrick Sharp.

Q's Slot Machine
The third period also brought out the Coach Q patented line change slot machine. A $2.75 mill/year signed defenseman was playing wing the fourth line? I might have blackedout, so I can only assume that did actually happen. Do you think Coach Q doesn’t trust newer players? Or just throws guys together for the laughs? I mean, first game of the season, why the hell not right?

But hey, who had Nick Leddy as their pick to click for the first Blackhawks goal of the 2011-2012 season? Congrats, go buy a lottery ticket if you did.

While Leddy finally netted one for the good guys late in the third, time ran out as the Blackhawks fell 2-1 in Dallas.

Things I liked:
- As much as I like Kane and Toews running train on opposing teams together Kane’s faceoff percentage was stellar. Though I think the Kane at center experiment might have come to a halt.
- Crawford looked great in the first 20, not terrible the second 20 -- it’d be nice if the defense would like to travel to away games when the rest of the team does.
- Jamal Mayers. The first to stand up and get in some faces. I like you Jamal Mayers even if you were kind of invisible the rest of the game save for that semi-break away in the third.
- The trolling by a select few in the #HawksPGL tag.

Things I didn’t like:
- I’m pretty sure I’m just going to abolish the words “power play” from my vocabulary. The good news is though, I’ve found the perfect time to hop up and run a few laps around my apartment building.
- Does Andrew Brunette know where the front of the net is? Do we need to get him a boating while intoxicated collar over a long break between games? I’ve never been a “bring back that Buff guy!!” person, but CAN YOU JUST PLANT YOURSELF IN FRONT OF THE NET #15?
- There is no in between for Duncan Keith. He’s either on his game or on fucking Neptune.
- Did Konroyd really throw out the “must win” in the post game show? Really?
- Broadcast related: Miller Lite tastes like hot dog water and has the worst commercials.

Nothing is fucked, dudes. Game one doesn’t decide the season.

Alright, I think the asshole meter has lowered and I can shift to game two.

Game can be seen on Comcast again tomorrow and heard on WGN radio for those outside the viewing area. Pregame: 7pm // Puck drop: 7:30pm

While none of the guys know who they’ll actually be playing with at any given time in tomorrow’s game, it is another chance to build chemistry. The Stars will be flying high after a great outing by their net minder, so a good Blackhawks start would be cool. While I’m a fan of the Blackhawks drawing more penalties than taking them, it’d be nice if they decided to do something with an extra man on the ice. Otherwise I might really start to fear for the well-being of Mike Kitchen.

The good news is the Blackhawks can make me eat all those mean things I said in the post-game up above tomorrow night as they open the Madhouse for regular season business. Q is “optimistic” to have Bolland back in the lineup. Personally, I’d rather them go down 0-2 than have a guy like Bolland come back less than 100%. It’s early in the season, not saying the Blackhawks can afford to give up these points early in the season (see: how it bit them in the ass last season) but having Bolland back for a game, re-injure whatever his upper body ailment currently is (back) and be out for weeks isn’t worth the points.

Hopefully some of that Madhouse Magic can work it’s way into some goals and some Chelsea Dagger.


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