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Homie This Ish is Basic, Welcome to Graduation - Hawks Win 5-2 Over Stars | October | 2011 Articles

Homie This Ish is Basic, Welcome to Graduation - Hawks Win 5-2 Over Stars

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Tonight, the Blackhawks looked for redemption for their season opening loss to the Stars last night. Kari Lehtonen stymied any opportunities that the Hawks had, but would not be in the net to start tonight as Andrew Raycroft (HE STILL PLAYS??) took the net. Brandon Pirri was sent down in favor of Marcus Kruger and Dave Bolland would be back in the lineup.

About eight minutes into the first, the Hawks had a power play that nearly was turned into a 2-on-1 shorthanded chance, but Seabrook held the blue line and got the puck to Kane. Kane swung it around to the opposite side to Sharp. Sharp’s initial drive was blocked, but he sent it right back on net where Brunette was screening and Toews was camped out. The puck was stopped by Raycroft, but was sitting in the blue paint for Brunette to easily bang home. 1-0 Hawks on a power play goal.

A few minutes later, Jamal Mayers and former Blackhawk Jake Dowell had a tussle. Dowell did a great job of showing his new teammates of how well his face absorbs fists. In all honesty, it was a draw, with mayyyybe a slight edge to Mayers. Five minute majors to each.

The first would end at the 1-0 score, but not without some more flames being added to the fire. Larsen would try to run Bolland as the clock expired, and Bolland put him flat on his ass, which was hilarious. Then of course, formerly local obnoxious gnat Adam Burish got in Bolly’s face, which is extra funny, because we all know Burrwood wasn’t going to actually DO anything. That silliness ended without any penalties being handed out.

Eight minutes into the second, Davey Bolland embarrassed Raycroft by floating a wrister from about 50 feet out which RaycROFL whiffed on it. Hawks lead 2-0. LOL.

With eight minutes remaining in the second, a penalty to Jonathan Toews expired and he caught a pass from Brent Seabrook as he got out of the box. He walked in on RaycROFL and buried his patented five hole wrister. 3-0 Hawks. Oh, and at this point, the shots on goal are 21-4 Hawks. Ouch.

Barely a minute later, Vernon Fiddler and Adam Burish made a nice give-and-go. Crawford went down and hugged the post, but had some space open between his post arm and body. Fiddler saw it and made it count. 3-1 Hawks. Fiddler on the roof jokes by Edzo: 1.

The second period would end with the Hawks still leading 3-1. Another funny incident towards the end of the second: Some Star trying to nail Seabrook behind the Hawks net. Seabrook just turns his shoulder into the guy while flatfooted and he goes down in a pile. Also, the Stars only have nine shots at this point.

Five minutes into the third, Sharp escaped a check along the boards in the Hawks’ zone. He skated in on a two-on-one, but carried the mail the entire way and just picked the corner on Raycroft, giving the Hawks a 4-1 lead.

Halfway through the third, on a Dallas power play, Marcus Kruger sacked up and blocked a shot by Sheldon Souray. Unfortunately, it stunned him enough that he couldn’t get to Souray quickly and Souray was able to let a slap-pass fly which was tipped in by someone. 4-2, Hawks.

Dave Bolland would add an empty netter in garbage time to wrap it up for a 5-2 Blackhawks victory. YOU CAN ALL BACK OFF THOSE LEDGES NOW!

Random Observations:

  • The Kane at Center experience was still going at the start of the game tonight
  • Why in the name of baby Jesus was Scott dressed? Is Lepisto dead?
  • The Bolland & Frolik chemistry continues to blossom. <3
  • Nice to see Bickell actually use his frame at points tonight.
  • More like Stephane RobiDUH AMIRITE?
  • So, yeah, I’ll take Kaner in beast mode all season. Thanks.
  • I don’t want to jinx anything, but damn, I like the look of our PK most the time now.
  • Steve Ott is a total penis wrinkle.
  • This isn’t news, but when I see Patrick Kane protect the puck effectively with his small stature, I’m constantly amazed. He does an amazing job of protecting the puck with his body.
  • Boy, I hope Bickell keeps trying that wicked wrister and missing wide.
  • Hjammer through a MASSIVE hit in the corner late in the third. Awesome hit.

Three Stars:

  1. David Bolland - For two reasons: Whenever Bolly comes back from injury, the Hawks just seem to dominate. And secondly, for scoring the two easiest goals in history (the aforementioned floating wrister and empty netter).
  2. Patrick Sharp - A goal and an assist and getting tossed for yelling at an official.
  3. Corey Crawford - Although he didn’t face much action, he had a couple of big time stops that kept the momentum in the Hawks’ favor and kept the lead in the Hawks’ hands.

Up Next: The Winnipeg Jets on Thursday come to town. Come to the UC and see Dustin Byfuglien eat 23 elephant ears before puck drop.

Photos of the Game:


All that is man.

Strike one, Freddy.

"Oh hey, I scored on your shitty goalie. Come here and let me facewash you, you joker."

Pictured: John Scott praying that he gets to dress for more games.

Still more useful than John Scott. 

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