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I was spending more time coming up with post titles so you have to settle for this: 3-3, Bruins win coin toss | October | 2011 Articles

I was spending more time coming up with post titles so you have to settle for this: 3-3, Bruins win coin toss

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First off, sorry guys, it's been a while. 

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Last night saw a relatively decent outing from both teams, even though at times it saw the Hawks and the Bruins falling asleep at the helm. It could have been a game of "my Stanley Cup hangover is worse than your Stanley Cup hangover" but there was enough action to keep us all entertained.

The Blackhawks opened the scoring late in the first period with an unassisted goal by Bickell. He caught Thomas alone after Bolland pressured a turnover and sent the puck his way. Unfortunately, the Bruins caught up early in the second with a shorthanded goal, when the Hawks turned over a puck and caused a breakout to go the other way.

Patrick Kane, in full-on Fuck You Mode since the season started, would bring the Hawks up by one not long after, but the guys eased up after, and when Duncan Keith opened his eyes Nathan Horton had already scored to even the game. It was less than halfway through the third period but at this point it seemed overtime was inevitable, and both teams pretty much played that way.

Only Tyler Seguin would score on the shootout, and thus the Bruins leave the Windy City with two more points since arriving. The Blackhawks' season so far stands at 2-1-1. Hit the jump to read more.


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  • You're going to worry about scoring anytime you have a Vezina winner like Thomas visiting the UC (as opposed to a Vezina winner like Luongo, in which case, get the Kleenex ready, he's gonna need it), which was why I was impressed that Bickell came out of that one-on-one smelling like roses. Remember last year, when he pulled that shit out of nowhere? Yeah, I still have no clue where it comes from. But as long as it keeps coming, I'm not about to complain.
  • Glad to see Kaner pot one at last. He's been jonesing for a goal like LiLo outta rehab. While I knew as a center he'd be an offensive asset, I gotta say I was properly wary about having him play the pivot. Then the season started, and he's actually been... good? Not just at generating offense, either since it's pretty much a given at this point that he and Hossa have been exciting to watch on the ice--he's also been pretty decent at the dot (what? seriously? After all those times he lost face-offs when Tazer got kicked out? The dude's been holding out!) and while the season's early, he does lead the team with a +3 (along with Hossa). Not bad at all.
  • Except, of course, for that moment in overtime last night when he lost the puck to Lucic at the blue line, effectively giving Lucic a breakaway. Thank goodness it hadn't been Lucic's night at all--his shot went wide.
  • I'm still not sure what happened on the tying goal, by the way. I was half-asleep, much like the Hawks. I'd review the goal video but hey, it's still October. I'm not supposed to take this seriously until the first half is up, right? /instant rim-shot
  • Even Brad Marchand pisses Bolland off.
  • It's a fucking pity the game has to end in a shootout, but in an 82-game season you gotta think players like not having to play an unspecified amount of time until someone eventually scores. I mean, I'd love to stay up and watch hockey too, but that probably takes a toll on their bodies over time. Holy shit yes I did just try to argue for the shootout. Andrew don't kick me out.
  • I'm not entirely sure what's going on with Keith and Toews (well, maybe the captain's sick or something, who knows) but they weren't great last night. Or recently. Keith didn't play the shorthanded 2-on-1 all that well, I don't think, and he was on the ice for the other Bruins goal. Tazer, meanwhile, has just been a little less than the man we expect to see on the ice. What gives, fellas?

Parting thought: You know, if someone handed me a telestrator, I would probably do worse things than Eddie O and Pat Foley have shown us so far.


FYI ... that's 0-3 for you. No more games in 100 level for you.

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