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Pouring Like an Avalanche, Coming Down the Mountain - Hawks lose Beer Pong Match to Avs 5-4 | October | 2011 Articles

Pouring Like an Avalanche, Coming Down the Mountain - Hawks lose Beer Pong Match to Avs 5-4

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .



"Frolick?" Is that some weird fetish? *registers hockeyplayer-fro-licks.com*

The Blackhawks come into the back-end of a home-at-home with the Colorado Avalanche Saturday having snapped the Avs’ 5-game winning streak. It was an effort that showed the Hawks are going to be tougher to put away in the third period, but would it continue?

Late in the first period, a D-to-D pass freed an open shooting lane for the Avs’ defensemen. He threw a puck towards the net that was going well wide, but Paul Stasny was there to redirect the puck behind Crawford, who really didn’t have a chance. 1-0 Avs.

The first period would end with the 1-0 Avs lead despite the Hawks carrying play most of the period. The Hawks had extended periods of possession in the Avs’ end and had some great chances that just didn’t pan out. The Avs were pretty much held to bumpkiss except for the Stasny goal and the final few minutes of the period. The Avs would wind up leading the shooting 7-6 after the first.



In the first minute of the second period, Erik Johnson from below his own goal line made an awful pass right to Taters. He finally didn’t miss a chance to convert and blew it past Varlamov and Taters starts his march to my guaranteed 20 goals. 1-1.

About eight minutes into the period, David Jones picks up a freak goal. He was behind the net and threw the puck in front of the net. It hit either Crawford’s or Seabrook’s stick, bounced all over and wound up in the net. Gross. 2-1 Avs.

Six minutes later, Gabriel Landeskog would pick up his THIRD goal in his young rookie year. O’Reilly was below the goal line and Landeskog would just creep into the front of the net. O’Reilly would just rocket a pass onto his stick and Landeskog would bury it. 3-1 Avs.

Approximately .0002 seconds in a Hawks powerplay in the last minute of the second, Keith corrals a puck at the blueline and would quickly throw it on net with Andrew Brunette’s ass in Varlamov’s face. The rebound bounced right to Jonathan Toews and buried it easily. 3-2 Avs.

That would end a pretty well controlled period by the Avalance. The Hawks failed to show much spark until Jonathan Toews led a one-man rush into the Avs’ zone turnstiling O’Brien but not being able to convert. The Hawks would score the aforementioned powerplay goal minutes later and have another strong shift to finish the period. Shots finished the second at 21-15 Avs.

Five minutes into the third, Nick Leddy would start a beautiful rush from behind the the Hawks net, skate all the way through the neutral zone, dish off to Jamal Mayers. Mayers would wind up and fire a slapshot on net. The rebound bounced off, hit O’Byrne’s skates, and go in the Avs’ net. 3-3.

With just over five remaining in regulation, Patrick Sharp would control the puck down low in the Avs’ end. Duncan Keith would get a pass from Sharp on the blueline and let a quick slapper fly. Marian Hossa was streaking across the slot at that moment and was able to get a piece of it, giving the Hawks their first lead of the night. 4-3 Hawks.

In the final two minutes of the third, Landeskog would strike again. He’d a get a pass from the wing while streaking into the Hawks’ zone and just snipe one past Corey Crawford. 4-4 is how it would remain through the end of the third and through OT.

Colorado would wind up winning the skills competition, keeping them at a perfect 6-0 on the road this season.

Random Observations:

  • Taters Frolik is becoming extremely responsible defensively. He’s had at least two simple stick checks the last two nights that have taken away scoring chances.
  • The Blackhawks’ first power play was anything but clown shoes for once. It was a nice change of pace.
  • Oh, look, another first period icing call. *falls asleep*
  • I love Davey Bolland. All day, every day. Carry on.
  • I chortled at Coach Q knocking the bad juju out of Taters’ stick after his failed breakaway attempt.
  • I said this last game I wrapped, I believe, but this Stalberg/Kruger/Mayers fourth line combo could be a thing. (And of course, minutes after I typed this, Stalberg and Carcillo were swapped. Whatever, Q, you’re a jerk.)
  • Hey, want to hear a funny joke?              Columbus Blue Jackets hockey LOL.
  • This Landeskog kid is pretty ok at hockey.
  • I wouldn’t mind a playoff series against Colorado. Once all the offsides and icings stopped, the pace was fantastic and the pace is almost always fantastic when these clubs play.

Three Stars:

  1. Gabriel Landeskog - Gotta give it up to the 18 year old. Playing seasoned hockey, smart, skilled, high hockey IQ. Wow. Kid’s special.
  2. Jonathan Toews - Toews had a fire under his ass all night. You could tell there was some frustration there about something, and he was up in everyone’s business all night. Good to see him snag another goal as well.
  3. Nick Leddy - Leddy had another strong game. Defensively responsible and creating offensive opportunities (including one that resulted in Mayer’s goal). More of this please.

Up Next: Douchenozzle extraordinaire Corey Perry and the Ducks come to town Tuesday. Buy your Summer’s Eve stock today and sell high on Tuesday.


Our geographically close hockey squadron is better than your geographically remote hockey squadron.

Toewsface of the game.

I hate your face. I hope someone punchifies it. 

i WAS WONDERING what was going on when Q took Frolik's stick.

The line change in the third seemed to work - once again it appeared we were badly outplayed in the second. No use sitting on a pat hand if its's a pair of ducks. I thought Stalberg played like a man on a mission.

Monty's shot didn't miss by that much, but a hard shot on goal might have led to a rebound with the other 8 Hawks converging on the net at that point.

KellyPuckDrunk moderator

@wardrums I think the line change was more of a demotion of Carcillo than a promotion of Stalberg. I forget who's wrap said it (I think it was SCH), but they said it was to remind him to be an animal on the forecheck which is what got him on the second line to begin with, and once he got demoted, he went back to that game. That's what we need from Carcillo, the rabid animal forecheck.

I know Monty Burns didn't miss by much, I may have been nitpicking there. ;)


@KellyPuckDrunk As much as I like lines to stick together, Q changing them up seemed to have a positive effect on the third period. Maybe he wanted to see what Stals could do wiith Toews.

100% of the shots not on net don't go in. Actually, that type of shot could quickly lead to a odd man rush the other way. That would have really sucked.

Funny thing, when our group divided up season tickets this year, the Av's were low on the totem pole. as Jerry Garcia sang,

"Goes to show, you don't always know,

watch each card you play,

and play it slow,

Don't you let that deal go down."

I personally hate the skills portion of an NHL game. After beating the hell out of each other for 65 minutes a team gets an extra point so fair weather fans can get excited. Nothing wrong with a tie.

KellyPuckDrunk moderator

@wardrums yeah, I'm violently opposed to the constant juggling, but that actually needed to happen. I did think to myself during the game that Carcillo wasn't playing like he was the last couple of games.

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