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Short Shifts, Sniper Shots - Blackhawks win 3-1 in Colorado | October | 2011 Articles

Short Shifts, Sniper Shots - Blackhawks win 3-1 in Colorado

Written by Hattie on .

Hoooo-boy. I can’t tell you guys how excited I am that I didn’t have to see that stupid bang-bang dance. Tonight’s game was a nice reminder that this team is different from last year. Last year, this one would have gotten away from the Hawks in the third.

Thankfully Crawford was ready for the game to start because it sure as hell didn’t look like the rest of the team had their legs under them, especially for the first ten minutes. A too much man penalty gave the Avalanche the first advantage, but nothing came of it. Later on in the period a keep in by Leddy and a smokin’ pass from Carcillo to gave the Blackhawks a 1-0 lead on a Jonathan Toews beauty of a backhander.

Yeah, that's right... What were you saying about "That Toews guy having a slow start?" What? I can't hear you over my awesome.

Not much to say about the second period other than there may have been a force field around Corey Crawford. Though the time space continuum fell through as a magical, floater from the hip of O’Byrne made it a 1-1 tie. With seconds left in the period Seabrook was stoned on a point blank shot by Valamov.

Varlamov and Crawford continued the goalie clinic in the third. Valamov’s insane save on Frolik’s shot is sure to be a play of the week. The Blackhawks kept at it though and after Varlamov giving up multiple rebounds, Patrick Sharp had a great snipe from the left side to make it 2-1. Crawford stood on his head as the Avs pulled Varlamov while the Blackhawks were on the PK late in the period for a 6-on-4. Didn’t help much as Hossa caused a turnover, which lead to an empty net, short handed goal.

Things I liked:

  • The keep in by Leddy and then the pass by Carcillo on the first goal of the night.
  • Duncan Keith’s play in the third period, especially in the neutral zone starting the sequence that lead to the Patrick Sharp goal.
  • Corey Crawford continuous solid play. Tonight’s game could very well have been an Avalanche blowout with how many chances they had.
  • Playing below the goal line has continued to show promise. It’d be great if the Blackhawks kept that up.
  • Marian Hossa’s stick handling = love.

Things I didn’t like:

  • While they didn’t lead to any goals, Freddy Kruger had some pretty nightmare giveaways.
  • Even with the win, I still didn’t feel like the Hawks were winning many board battles. That could be something that could be a problem when they get to the UC on Saturday.
  • That camera angle from behind the net. Stop that. It’s the worst, you can’t see how anything is set up.

I’m still not the biggest fan of the Keith/Leddy paring, but it’s starting to work. Keith is looking better with each game and Leddy continues to impress, gaining confidence.

Where do you think Kane get’s his speed from? Cheeta blood? Bangin’ skanks? Five hour energy? While he didn’t have the greatest night at the dot, he seems like one of the few that can keep up with God Hossa streaking around the ice.

My current favorite stat that doesn’t mean much of anything but I’m going to type it here and you can’t stop me: Blackhawks currently have only one more power play goal than they have short handed.

Sorry no photoshops for this one, I’ve got one saved up for proper use later.
Avalanche visit the UC on Saturday, let's keep building on the chemistry and great play.
See you folks Saturday. 

AndrewBHDL moderator

I'd like to personally apologize to Frolik. I think I put a hex on him. He'll never score a goal again.


Your picture and caption from the captain were as good as any photo shop. Kruger limited his mistakes in the third, I think. He's probably trying to do to much.

Force field - great description of Mr. Big's cage.

"My awesome" - nothing more needs to be said.

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