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Something Something NASCAR Joke Something - Hawks @ Hurricanes Preview | October | 2011 Articles

Something Something NASCAR Joke Something - Hawks @ Hurricanes Preview

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Game Time: 6 PM
TV / Radio: CSN / WGN Radio
Tailgates At Hockey Games: Shutdown Line


There ain't a whole ton to say, so this will be pretty quick.  Nothing I'm about to say will shock you.

The Hurricanes aren't a very good hockey team.  Sure they have their share of players who are pretty good.  Jeff Skinner and Eric Staal jump to mind immediately.  And who can forget former Hawk great player Tuomo Ruutu?

[Editor's Note: this is a real comment on that video: "Ruutu is awesome, you guys are so lucky to have him. Ladd sucks, he was the 2nd pick in the draft for Christ's sake. He should be a monster. ANd we have to put up with him." -2 Years Ago]

The Canes also have perrenial great goalie/team carrier Cam Ward.  So yeah, they're dangerous in that you can overlook them because their roster isn't stacked from top to bottom, but they have some guys who can make you pay, as long as their depth guys don't totally choke away the game.

I don't want to heap too much praise on them though.  The Canes come into tonight with a record of 3-3-3.  Most recently they've lost to NHL powerhouses such as the Blues, Jets, and Senators.  Apparently its not a big deal to coach Paul Morice though.  Their biggest practice concern right now is getting better at 5-on-3s.  Sign of a great hockey team right there.

I don't like to ever use the term "must win" unless losing means being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  However, I will say that the Hawks SHOULD win this game.  They outclass the Canes from the top of the roster to the bottom.  I know this team is a much more complete one than last year, but how many times did we think "if only we had picked up those points early in the season" last year?  Not to say the Hawks will be on the verge of missing the playoffs, but the extra one or two points could come in handy when you're trying to do something like win the Central Division or the Western Conference.

Crawford gets the start in net.  Emery will get a chance to flash his new helmet on Saturday against the BJs.  As far as I know, the roster is full of healthy guys.  No reason to walk out with less than 2 points. Let's Go Hawks.