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Betting tips on who to win the NHL this season | February | 2013 Articles

Betting tips on who to win the NHL this season

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Since its establishment in 1893, The Stanley Cup has been loved by Ice hockey fans of all ages the world over. The 2012 League saw the Los Angeles Kings lift the cup; however the 2013 season is going to be anything but a walk in the park for them. The governing body (IIHF) recently announced that the season would be shortened this year, making the rest time shorter and the betting increasingly intense. Surely thanks to these changes the question on everyone’s lips is “Which team is the best betting prospect in 2013 season?”

Let’s take a look at the bookies, surely the best place to start when placing a bet. Across the board the Pittsburgh Penguins appear to be the clear favourite for the cup win, thanks to them retaining the leading goal scoring average of 3.33 during the 2012 season. But as most savvy gambler will know the best way to make a killing is not to bet on the sure fire, but to know your underdogs. The same can be said for betting in the casino as it can be on the sports field. As Wayne Root, international entrepreneur said “I go again and again with the underdog…and they win and win and win!”

Expert Dan Rosen has called the final between New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks, both teams deemed to be underdogs, therefore a final between them would offer punters the most bang for their buck regardless of who wins.

The same can be said of the casino slots, if you go to the machine that paid out most that hour, even if you win it will be a measly amount; however, play the quiet machine that hasn’t paid out in days, then the chances of your winning are the same but your bounty is guaranteed to be far greater.

Of course if you are not fortunate enough to be rink side to watch the clash, you can always sit back and relax with a refreshing beverage and your feet up and indulge in the variety of online ice hockey slot games on offer at sites like http://www.bellerockentertainment.com. The perfect way to indulge in the thrill of the game and the betting without the big money stakes of the live games. A variety of poker games, slots machines and other casino related games can be found on online casino sites and there is therefore bound to be something for anyone.

Always remember to gamble responsibly.


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