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Time To Party, Kopecky Done In Chicago

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Word just came down that the Blackhawks have traded Tomas Kopecky to the Florida Panthers for a 7th round draft pick.  Kop was set to become a free agent in four days, and its good news that the Hawks got anything in return for him.  I would have been satisfied with one of those "Buy one six-inch subs, get one free" coupons that Subway gives out.  And I don't even like their sandwiches.

Now, the downside of this is....wait....I know there's some bad part about this somewhere...maybe...ah yes, the bad part is that Marian Hossa has to hold auditions for who will carry his bags onto the plane next year.  He will surely miss his flower girl.


 Now if you'll all excuse me, I have a happy dance that I have to go do.


Mark McNeill Fight Video

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

I knew I liked the Blackhawks picking Mark McNeill when they made the pick.  Then I did some more research and found a video from a scrap he got into in January.  And I think I like the pick just that much more.  You will too.  Check it.

Also, if you missed the pick, here's the video.  There's commentary from Pierre McGuire but don't freak out.  The draft is the one thing I actually trust him with.  He watches a good share of junior hockey and knows what he's talking about.


2011 Draft Day 1: Brouwer & Campbell Traded, Say Hi to McNeill & Danault

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

The Blackhawks had an eventful first day to the draft with a trade and two draft picks. The first move of the evening saw RFA due-for-a-raise-winger Troy Brouwer dealt to the Washington Capitals for the Caps’ first round draft pick (#26 overall). Another very shrewd move from Stan Bowman to trade away a power forward that struggled last season and has known shoulder issues and still come away with a first round pick for just Brouwer’s rights. An excellent move with pretty much everyone on the planet knowing Brouwer was probably up for grabs. Sadly, that means no more hilarious Photoshops for me:




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NHL Schedule Is Out

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

The full schedule for the 2011-12 season is out.

Hawks Highlights

  • October 7th and 8th is a home and home with the Stars. First game at the UC is the 8th.
  • The Hawks host the Winnipeg Question Marks on Thursday October 13th (2nd home game of the year).
  • Boston is in town on October 15th. That one will be slightly crowded.
  • Vancouver Games:
    • Away:
      Wednesday November 16th
      Tuesday January 31st
    • Home:
      Sunday November 6th
      Wednesday March 21st
  • Hawks close out the season at Detroit.
  • 6 game circus trip from November 16th to the 29th.
  • 9 game road trip from January 31st to February 18th.

Full Schedule here.

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What's The Story, Morning Glory?

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Here's a bunch of Hawks stories because I know you're all drooling over the idea of anything hockey right now.

100% of this post is powered by Tim Thomas' mustache.

I woke up this morning wanting to write a review of the NHL Awards show that was on last night, but when I got online Ryan Lambert already had a better article on Puck Daddy. [The Best and Worst of the NHL Awards]

Craw Daddy was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team. [Chicago Blackhawks]

Jahns tells us what the hell is up with Kyle Beach. He also gives a few updates on the organizational depth chart. [Inside The Blackhawks]

The full schedule will be out some time today, but we already know the Hawks open up in Dallas on Friday October 7th and then play the Stars at home on October 8th.  Let the countdown begin. [ESPN Chicago]

Fels had some good stuff on StanBow's conference call yesterday. [SCH]

Four Blackhawks were in the top 20 jerseys sold this year. [Puck Daddy]

Come back later when the full schedule gets announced.

NHL Awards Tonight

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

The NHL Awards show is tonight in Las Vegas.  The show will be on Versus starting at 6 PM Central time.

Now, some of you might be a bit turned off by the NHL Awards.  That's understandable after how awful the show used to be.  In 2009 it was highlighted by music superstar Chaka Khan (or as I had known her, the lady who did the backup vocals in one of Kanye's songs a few years ago.)  Seriously.  It was the worst tv I've ever seen, and that's coming from someone who watches The Real World.

But last year they started taking the show in a new direction.  Jay Mohr hosted and made some pretty good jokes.  I still can't recall who the music act was, but I remember I didn't fast forward through it like I did with Chaka.

This year Jay Mohr is back hosting.  Toews is looking to unseat Pavel Datsyuk from the throne of the Selke.  And he brought his family along with him on the trip.

The show tonight should be good.  I think we can all agree that it would be even better if Kane was there with his family.

Blackhawks No Longer Cup Champs, No Longer "Cool"

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

"We don't know who this guy is, but he brought that big shiny cup!"

Last night the Boston Bruins became the new Stanley Cup Champions by defeating the Vancouver Canucks in game 7. The win marked an end to the reign of the defending champs, the Chicago Blackhawks.

When the Blackhawks won Lord Stanley's Cup on June 9, 2010, they experienced a surge in new fans. At the championship parade one drunken fan said, "Ayyyyyy! Kane is my bro! The only other guy I know is that Toes dude! But this is my favoritest team everrrrrr!"

Immediately following the win, the Blackhawks added thousands of names to their season ticket waiting list. Team President John McDonough said, "In my time with the Cubs, I realized that in order to have a successful franchise you have to make the team cool. My first move was to alienate all those nerdy hockey guys. Then we set up a Blackhawks game at Wrigley Field so the douchiness would rub off. Finally, we had to win a championship to get everyone on the bandwagon." That strategy worked. The Blackhawks sold out every game in the 2010-11 season with a record number of guys wearing flat brimmed hats in attendance.

NHL superstar Patrick Kane was ecstatic about the crowds. "Dude, like, when I started playing here it sucked soooo hard. Nobody knew who I was. I had to, like, payfor all my own booze. Since we won the Cup, I haven't paid for nothin! I can't go back to paying for my own stuff. My accountant nerd says I'll go bankrupt."

But now that the Blackhawks are no longer champions, the fans have left in droves. McDonough said every season ticket account that they've sold in the last year has been cancelled. "We're back to numbers we haven't seen since the lockout ended. Its going to be a mausoleum in the UC this year."

The change has been noticable around Chicago as well. Club and restaurant owner Billy Dec said, "There's no way those guys can get in here unless they bring the Cup with them. I have hot babes coming to the Underground. I don't want those loser hockey players scaring them away."

One thing is certain. The players are not taking their loss of fame lightly. "Did you see those cows we had in Vancouver before we won? 5's at best. I didn't have anyone below an 8 after we won the Cup," said Kane. "I guess I have to do that training thing that Tazer does in the offseason. Last summer he was all like, 'Ohhh Kaner you have to work out and train and not be drunk all the time and wake up before 4 pm and not punch cab drivers and not send me pictures of yourself naked with every girl you bang.'" He paused momentarily and his face turned serious. "Damn...this summer is going to suck."

Minor Front Office Stuff

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

The Hawks had to fill the spot that Kevin Cheveldayoff left by moving to Winnipeg.  Today they announced Marc Bergevin has been promoted to Assistant GM.  Bergevin has been with the Hawks for sseven seasons and spent the last two as the Blackhawks Director of Player Personnel.  He was an assistant to QStache in 08-09 and was previously the Director of Pro Scouting.

They filled Bergevin's old job with Norm Maciver.  Maciver was Director of Player Development for three years before this promotion.

Kyle Davidson was moved up to the Hockey Administration Coordinator.  He spent last season as the Hockey Analytics Video Analyst.

Finally, but certainly not least, Scotty Bowman got a two year extension as Old Guy Who Watches Hockey From His Home In Florida Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations.

Not super exciting stuff, I know. But...

BHDL Game 7 Live Chat

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

If you missed our chat from game 6, it was a blast.  The guys from Days of Yorr stopped by along with a bunch of their readers and we laughed mercilessly as the Canucks pooped the bed in Boston again.  Our game 7 chat is scheduled to start right here at 6:45 CT.  Be sure to come back around then for all the jokes, random facts, movie quotes, and Canuck photoshops you've come to know and love from us at BHDL.

Go Bruins.

An Open Letter to those Outraged by Marchand Punching Some Swede

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Dear Wearer of Rose Colored Glasses:

Before I begin, I’ll openly admit at first that I’m rooting for the Bruins to finish off this series Wednesday night. So after reading as far as you can, which I’d be surprised if any of you made it this far before calling me homophobic slurs in the comments, remember that I gave full disclosure.

My first point: Those were hardly punches. Those were jabs of simply an irritating proportion. If Marchand really wanted to punch Thing One, you would’ve seen him on the ice and Marchand in the press box.

Marchand is playing the exact same role that Dave Bolland played for the Hawks last playoffs. The role obviously being the Annoy The Shit Out Of The Opposition Hopefully Gaining Some Advantage While Potting The Occasional Goal Or Three role. Marchand wasn’t trying to fight Sedin, he was trying to get him to snap and take a penalty.

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