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Preview: Hawks vs Blue Waffles

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

If you don’t get the “blue waffle” joke, you totally shouldn’t do a Google Image Search for it. Seriously. Don’t.

Toews has been leading this team like Caesar.

We all know what went on last night in the Hawks/Islanders game. Neither team gave a fuck’s worth about trying to play any NHL-caliber defense and therefore the teams had a shootout, both figuratively and literally. O’ Captain, My Captain was able to score the lone shootout goal to get the Hawks the victory, but if they play that way tonight against a motivated and red-hot Blues team, expect them to get pecker slapped.

The Blues meanwhile are 7-1-2 in their last ten games and 8-1-3 since the hiring of Ken Hitchcock. Well, you can’t argue with results. Since ditching David Payne for Jabba the Hutt stunt double Ken Hitchcock, the Blues have played responsible, physical and smart hockey. Something they haven’t exactly been known for (except the physical part) for many years. If it lasts, the Blues will be a tough cookie to swallow the remainder of this season.

However, most of that hinges on the continued mind-blowing play of Brian Elliott. Elliott is a simply stupid 10-1, 1.31 GAA, .951 SV% and three shutouts. Those are video-game-on-rookie-difficulty numbers.

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What's Defense? Hawks Win After Cow Tipping Contest, 5-4

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

So here’s the scoop. The Islanders suck but have won two in a row. But the Hawks have been leaving huge steaming piles on the ice lately. Trying to turn it around tonight with Kane back to wing and Marcus Kruger as the second center? Okay then, here we go.

On an ensuing power play from an idiotic too many men penalty, a shot from the point by Travis Harmonic was kicked right to Kyle Okposo, who buried the easy chance. 1-0 Islanders a mere four minutes into the game.

About halfway through the first, the Hawks would tie it up. Carcillo would drive hard into the Isles zone. He would find Sean O’Donnell streaking into the slot, who would show some great patience drawing two defenders to him which left Andrew Brunette on the weak side of the net all alone for an easy tap-in off a great backhand pass from O’Donnell.

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Toews vs the Islanders Game Preview

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

Game Time: 7:30pm
TV/Radio: CSN/WGN 720
One Day We'll Get an NHL Arena: Islanders Hockey Blog

So that first game back was a bit of a dud, huh? Well, apparently the Hawks are determined to continue on this rollercoaster stretch, so hopefully we get treated to a win tonight. (Although if we're to choose between tonight and tomorrow, I'd rather the win be against St. Louis. I'd hate to go all the way down there for a loss...)

Anyway, tonight's game is against the Islanders, who are still the losingest team in the East but are riding a mini-streak of two wins themselves. That doesn't tell us anything about what to expect tonight, naturally. The Hawks have been relying primarily on the incredible play of one Jonathan Toews, but even in the last game he couldn't do enough, so we'll be faced with a couple of changes when we see the Isles tonight.

Kane's move back to wing took a couple of headlines. The Great Kane at Center Experiment was nice while it lasted, but it has stopped doing much of anything recently. He'll be back on a line with Toews and maybe that jumpstarts the first two lines. Or maybe The Great Kane Back at Right Wing Non-Experiment meets an early end. Or maybe Quenneville decides to do the line-a-palooza mid-period. Any of those is just as likely as the other. Kruger will center the second line in his place and I'd be interested to see what that looks like, since Kruger's done fairly well in the last few games.

Bolland, Seabrook, and Montador missed yesterday's practice but only Bolland wasn't on the ice for the morning skate. I've long since stopped relying on Quenneville whenever he talks to the beat writers about injuries, and nothing about the Hawks' history with handling player injuries inspires confidence in how I think they're handling the injuries this time. Whether it's Bolland's foot that never quite healed or his back acting up again or who knows what, he's still apparently playing tonight. Some may say the team goes as Bolland does, but the thing is, if he's only at fifty percent, is that really all that much better?

Tonight also sees Ben Smith back in action after a few games of being scratched. Whose place is he taking? Take your pick of any of the Hawks' underperforming forwards (or defensemen-masquerading-as-forwards), but my guess is either Bickell or Carcillo in the press box tonight.

Finally, Crawford needs to have a strong game tonight. Where the Hawks managed two wins in between their ugly games, only one of them has been with Crawford fully with the team. He starts tonight, which makes me wonder if perhaps this means Emery gets the go-ahead tomorrow (normally the case, but the last time we had a back-to-back Crawford started both) against the much-tougher opponent. We'll take it one game at a time, I guess. The Hawks have to, too.

I Refuse To Call This Coyote Ugly. Coyotes 4 Hawks 1

Written by Zach Perry on .

(If you follow me on twitter, you’ll realize I’m making the same joke in 3 days but in my defense, this was really the best way to put it.)

After a strong finish to the circus trip, the Hawks looked to keep on with their winning ways against Phoenix. As pointed out by some, the Hawks hadn’t lost in the first game back from the trip since the lockout.

Well, that streak’s over.

I’m keeping this brief as the Hawks were just played out of their own barn tonight.

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So this is what Chicago looks like, Blackhawks arrive home - Hawk vs. Desert Dogs Preview

Written by Hattie on .

Toews-Home“Yippee ki yay mother truckers! So this is what Chicago looks like!”

Game Time: 7:30pm
TV/Radio: CSN on the tube - WGN 720 on the waves
Helping Walter White expand his business across state lines: Five for Howling

Bring out the banners and welcome home signs because after a great strong even road trip out West the Blackhawks bring it home for one final game in November. Tonight’s tilt is against a Phoenix Coyotes team that is coming off a shutout win against a wounded Dallas Stars team.

To the surprise of almost anyone the Coyotes have been pretty decent in the non-Bryz era. Mike Smith has eleven wins on the season And Kyle Turris who stopped acting like a child who wouldn’t take a nap until he had his blankee finally signed and probably won’t play. Aside from goaltending the Coyotes have been winning games with a pretty mediocre front.

For the Blackhawks, Corey Crawford will be manning the net tonight. With maintenance days yesterday Dave Bolland and Brent Seabrook are also expected to be in the line up. With the beat writers in a tizzy on twitter, Carcillo will be back in and likely a John Scott scratch. Surprisingly Benny Smith (a healthy scratch in the past few) hasn’t been reassigned and there hasn't been any real talk of him suiting up.

Where's Your Crown, King Nothing? - Hawks 2, Kings 1

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Blackhawks rule, Kings suck donkey balls. Carcillo scratched. Let’s get to it.

Mere minutes into the first, a point shot from Duncan Keith was kicked wide through a ton of traffic from Dave Bolland. Andrew Brunette would corral the puck behind the net, wrap around the back of the net and bury the wide open chance. 1-0 Hawks.

The first period would end with the 1-0 score and the Hawks pretty much dominating play. Shots would wind up 10-6 in favor of the Hawks, but it did not seem that close to my eyes. Even the makeshift fourth line of Bickell/Mayers/Scott had two fantastic shifts, much to my surprise/dismay/disbelief.

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Black Friday Hangover: Blackhawks at Kings Preview

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

Doughnut vs SeabiscuitDoughnut vs Seabiscuit: The Ultimate Battle of Defensemen that Remind Me of Eating

I was about halfway through putting off packing for my trip back home today when I realized I'd foolishly volunteered to do today's preview. I looked at the time--it's at 9:30pm Central--and looked up the team--Kings, to complete the Circus Trip from Hell--and that's really about all I could come up with for today.

Nah just kidding, here are some facts you should know about tonight's match-up:

  • The Kings are back in the playoff picture ("If the playoffs started today...") after a bumpy late October/early November. They're doing somewhat better now in the last few games, certainly better than the Hawks have been, but considering some of those wins have been against teams like Anaheim and, well, Anaheim, maybe they're still in struggle mode.
  • I honestly can't tell you what to expect of the Hawks team tonight. They played poorly in Alberta, got everything but the point in San Jose, and fell back to lackluster play against Anaheim until the Captain and the Alternates decided fuck it, let's just win. So what team is going to show up tonight? I really can't tell you. When the Hawks are good they're really fucking good, but when they're not it's worse than watching a baby vampire crawling out of its human mother's womb...
  • The problem, so far, is our defense. I'm not sure what the hell is going on with Crawford lately, because while normally some goals against are due to some positioning errors by the blueliners, you also can't say that the amount of goals he's given up is all that reasonable. Have teams figured him out? Is this just a rough patch? We're lucky at least our scoring seems to be going, I guess.
  • Another problem that needs fixing on our end is the putrid play of our special teams. The second PP unit has been pretty impressive, but what's going on when a unit consisting of Sharp, Toews, Hossa and Kane can't figure out how to enter the zone or spend more time passing the puck around so it's ripe for turnovers?
  • Granted, the running joke is usually that our either one of our special teams is clown shoes, but that's usually mitigated by the fact that the other is doing well. Not so this time. The fact that our kill is at 73.2, our man-advantage at 17.4, and we're still somehow 9th in the league with a 0.630 winning percentage means the law of averages might soon be upon us. But does this mean our winning percentage trends downward, or do our special teams trend up? We've got all season to find out I guess.

Ducks Hunted | Blackhawks 6 - Ducks 5

Written by Hattie on .

"Anyone else have anything to say? No? Yeah, that's what I thought."

Remember when the Ducks scored two goals within the first three minutes of the game, the Blackhawks didn’t even get a shot on net until six minutes in, and the first two periods were absolutely abysmal?

Then between the second and third period I went to check my mail and a package from the Blackhawks was in my mailbox. I had won a signed puck (player unknown) about a month ago in some twitter contest and it had finally come. I was stoked to see who it was signed by. I open it, and it’s signed by none other than Mr. ASG himself... John Scott. I had a hearty laugh and hoped for a better third period.

Apparently this John Scott puck has some magic in it as within three and a half minutes the Blackhawks had not only taken the lead in the game but Patrick Sharp had a hattrick. Continued awesomeness from the third period: Jonathan Toews completing the game with five points, four of them coming in that final 20 minutes.

Hit the jump for a real wrap.

Duck Hunt | Blackhawks at Ducks Preview

Written by Hattie on .

"And we're the three best friends that anyone could have..."
Game Time: 3:00 PM
TV/Radio: WGN/WGN 720
Scared of a Cartoon Dog: On The Duck Pond

As the most of you may have heard, the Blackhawks are coming into tonight’s tilt with a three game losing streak. It’s the first time all season the Blackhawks have put one of those together, thankfully. With the Ducks having dropped their past five games and the Blackhawks getting the shit beat out of them in Alberta, hopefully this game doesn’t turn out to be the battle of who could care less.

It's No Good, From Diego To The Bay: Sharks 1 Blackhawks 0

Written by Zach Perry on .

It's No Good, From Diego To The Bay:
Sharks 1 Blackhawks 0

                                                                                                                         Tonight, the Hawks were the bridge.

Many Hawk fans still have good memories of Black Wednesday 2 years ago. The debut of Marian Hossa, the manhandling of the Sharks and the belief that it was truly going to be the year.

This year was different. The Hawks were coming off two horrible performances in Alberta and a trip to Vegas that was coming under a lot of unnecessary heat. In the grand scheme of things the team has been playing well and a little R&R was well deserved.

A 1-0 loss in the Shark Tank is never bad. The team came out playing hard, winning battles and getting chances on Anti Niemi. A classic? Not really, not even a game to remember. A step in the right direction? Yes.

Onto the game….

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