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The Blackhawks as Muppets

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

My name is Andrew.  I have a problem.  I can't stop myself from seeing things in the news and pop culture and finding parallels to the Blackhawks.  I'm also pretty excited for the new Muppets movie.  So it was only a matter before I created this post.

What if the Blackhawks were Muppets.

Let's stop pretending like you were coming here for serious hockey analysis.

We're not in Saskatoon anymore | Blackhawks 2 - Oil Slicks 9

Written by Hattie on .

emery EDM
“Lee Corso said what today on College Game Day? Aww fuck it? I’m pretty sure I’m getting to that level here.”

If you weren’t able to see the game, but have it on the DVR, just go ahead and press delete on this one. Forget Saturday November 19th even happened. There was no game played in Edmonton tonight, at least by any team from Chicago.

First I was angry, then I turned into a parent who’s kid missed curfew and was “disappointed”. If you follow me on the twitters you got to see my progressively worse passive aggressive comments in 140 characters or less.

I know it’s still early in the season and the Oilers have had a great start, but this was beyond ridiculous. It’s not on one guy (the goalie), it’s not on one set of guys (defensemen), it’s on all of them. No one showed up tonight. This can’t all be a just missing Seabrook, or missing Taters sort of thing. This felt like a getting frustrated which just makes it worse sort of thing.

If you're a masochist and want to read the rest of the wrap, hit the jump.

Hawkey Night In Canada - Blackhawks at Oilers Preview

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Today's preview was written by guest writer Brendan Brown.

Game Time:
9 PM
TV / Radio
: WGN, CBC / WGN Radio

Last night the Blackhawks lost to the Flames of Calgary, Alberta. The Flames went in to the game among the lowest scoring teams in the NHL, but managed five goals against a sloppy defensive showing by the Hawks. Make no mistake, it wasn't awesome. On numerous occasions our D were caught over-committed on the wrong side of the Flames blue-line and unchecked Flames forwards were given leave to stroll in on Corey Crawford. Keith lost some terrible one-on-one battles, and Leddy made some horrendous turnovers.

But it wasn't all bad. Some things looked really promising. There were instances where Captain all-work-no-play was really fantastic, in the first period he outworked Alex Tanguay down the wing to draw a penalty, still managed to break free of the hold and set up a two-on-one with Sharp that nearly resulted in a goal. The Pat Kane Center Ice Experience put in some great work on the back-check causing some turnovers and scoring opportunities. Crawford dug deep and stole a few goals from the Flames. Heck, even Carbomb showed responsibility in the second frame by laying down across the crease on the Tanguay empty net chance he ultimately couldn't put away. Best of all is that this loss came early on the hellride November road-trip and should serve to wake everyone up to the fact that we are going to have to get it together in both ends to win the tough games. Keith has to play better, some scoring from Sharp would be nice and some more power play production would go a long way.

Luckily, we really don't have to wait long to get revenge against Alberta as the Blackhawks face the slumping Edmonton Oilers at 10 EST tonight at Rexall Place. The Oil is choking down some jagged pills of reality as their phenomenal start has lost its form as of late. Their Kid Line that was accounting for much of their spark in the early season has largely fizzled out. Eberle, Hall, and Newkid-Longname have a combined six points during the Oilers' recent four game losing spree. Khabibulin's play has faltered too and looks old after a stellar start this season. Ryan Smitty is a hard guy to hate but he honestly has no business leading any team in scoring. As expected, and contrary to some early season success indicated, the Oilers are not great.

Khabibulin will dress for the Oilers, but I predict an early departure for the old buddy. As was apparent in last week's meeting our snipers seem to have the book on Khabby.

Ray Emery will be backstop for the good guys tonight as the Hawks rest Crawford. Brent Seabrook's lower body will not be playing but may be back within the next few games. Ben Smith was jostled through a few lines last night with no real success, look for our young gun to step up tonight though.

Sixty minutes of good hockey in both ends and the Blackhawks will leave Alberta with a W.
I predict great things. Go Hawks!

Burnt Out - Flames Beat Blackhawks 5-2

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Editor's Note: Tonight's recap was written by guest writer Brendan Brown, who is taking tonight's recap and tomorrow's preview.

The first period was pretty hectic, super fast paced and generally loose defensively. The Leddy/Keith combo looked really bad. Kipprusoff was solid through some fairly good odd man rushes. Six minutes into the game Duncan Keith got danced by Lee Stempniak in a one-on-one that ended with Crow being beat. Flames jump ahead by one, apparently Duncan's "super-human lungs" didn't show up tonight, fucking guy had rocks for feet! Tazer made quick work of levelling the score with a tick-tac-toe open cage set-up to Viktor Stalberg. Vik didn't miss and the period ended one-one for everyone. It was stand up from your seat hockey!

The second period however, was pure shit. The flames got goals from Borque and Byron and another from Glencross on a redirect from Bouwmeester. Our defence was gross once again. Thankfully Keith chipped in on offence, he made a perfect cross-ice pass that 81 ripped past Kipper. Oh yeah, Tanguay whiffed on a gaping cage with 3 minutes to go in the frame. We almost started the third down three goals. Is Brent Seabrook feeling any better yet?

We didn't do much awesome hockey playing in the third. Glencross is a fucker. He came in with a breath-taking Craig Smith impression on another defensive lapse from the good guys and somehow managed to get his own sloppy seconds to score and shutdown any hopes of a Hawks comeback.

All said and done, we lost 2-5 to the Flames. The Calgary flames. That shit doesn't sit well for me and I'm hoping like mad our defence can get it together without Seabs.

Tomorrow we face a bunch of children in Edmonton, all is not lost, we are still #1 overall and our boy Pat Kane is actually looking good in the center slot.

Go hawks, Praise Hossa.

I Caught Fire - Blackhawks at Flames Preview

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Game Time: 9 PM
TV / Radio: CSN / WGN Radio

If there ever was a stretch of games that defined the entire season for the Blackhawks, its the Circus Trip.  This stretch of games in mid-to-late November is usually a great barometer of the success of the entire season.  Don't believe me? Check out the records.

2005-06: 2-3-0
2006-07: 1-3-1
2007-08 (weird year where they played Detroit, Columbus, and Nashville before heading west): 2-2-2
2008-09: 3-2-1
2009-10: 4-1-1
2010-11: 4-2-0

5chneider'd, Coreys with an E do it better : Blackhawks 5 - Canucks 1

Written by Hattie on .

“Adios muchacho.”

Hey, how about that. A redemtion game of whatever you'd like to call the game on 11/6. Games against Columbus, Calgary and Edmonton it was great to get the W, but the real test was if the Blackhawks could keep it rolling into a game with one of their biggest rivals.

First period: yawn city.

Wouldn’t stay 0-0 for long as Jannik Hansen scores just 40 seconds into the second period. The Blackhawks answer back during a Kesler penalty with another second unit PP goal by Andrew Brunette. Minutes later not wanting to continue to be shown up by the second power play unit, the first unit strikes with a goal by Patrick Kane. Thanks to Sami Salo for the assist and Burrows for taking the penalty in the first place. Second period was a nice breath of fresh air for Corey Crawford as the Blackhawks finally decided to play in the offensive zone.

Stupid Babies: Hawks @ Canucks Preview: Trolling for Charity

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .


As you may have already heard through several avenues, I'm providing a Canucks trolling post over at CanucksArmy.com at the request of @ArtemChubarov. If you read his post here, you can learn all about the Embrace the Hate campaign that he's running. Specifically, he's taken several noted trolls, myself included, to have a Best Troll competition. The winner gets $250 donated in their name to a charity of their choice.

I have humbly provided said troll post to them for today. The title? You Petulant, Entitled Brats. Enjoy. This serves as your preview for tonight's game. It should get you amped up sufficiently. ;)


Stuff That Ballot Box

Written by Hattie on .

As many of you probably know, voting for the NHL all-star game started yesterday. Sure you can vote for those six jokers who are already on the ballot (Sharp, Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook), or you could use your time and votes wisely by writing in John Scott (and Corey Crawford). Hop on over to vote.nhl.com, pick your ballot, and vote up to 30 times. Additional votes can be made by texting "Player's Last Name" "Scott" to 81812. Go forth my friends, let's make some magic happen! #JohnScottASG



Monty Steve's Leaving for the Circus: Hawks 6 vs Oilers 3

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

Going into last night all everyone could talk about was how the Oilers were showing stellar defense, that Khabibulin was back to his former self. There was even a piece a week or so back saying that the Oilers were doing so well because of their commitment to blocking shots.

Fast forward to the morning, and what do we see? Khabby having flashbacks to what it was like in the UC before the young guns came along: a 0.852 save percentage, 5 goals against, many of which came early in the frame. The Oilers blocked a grand total of 7 shots compared to 14 of the Hawks', and even though last night was the only time they've been able to score at least 3 goals (Jesus Christ Khabibulin has REALLY been keeping this team running, hasn't he?), they return to Edmonton without points to show for their effort.

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks seem to be returning to form, at least offensively. Toews opened up the scoring early in the first, with Montador following it up only 36 seconds after with a forehand-backhand move that was worthy of Patrick Kane. The closest the Oilers would get would be to cut the lead in half when Ryan Smyth scored halfway through the first, but then the pizza guy called and I had to let him in and when I got back to my seat, Montador had brought the team back up by two. It wasn't much of a contest after that-- Tazer poked one in early in the second, Eberle scored one off a breakaway after his penalty expired, Keith and Horcroff traded goals and Kane graciously passed the empty netter to Carcillo. (Would have been hilarious if Carbomb had missed, but hey, that means next time Kane finds himself in a limo, or a cab, or whatever vehicle he's destined to besmirch this year, at least he knows Carbomb's got his back.)

So what does this tell us of Edmonton and the Blackhawks? (Hit the jump to read more.)

Hey ma, look! D-men can score too!: Blackhawk 4 - Arsonists 1

Written by Hattie on .

"Uhh Sarah, there aren’t any fans here... but I’m sure they’re really excited about my goal."
photo via @Kev1BLACKHAWKS

What do ya know, while it's been nice to see Nick Leddy all alone in the defensemen who have scored category (Montador got his playing up front on the PP so I’m counting him as a forward), I'm glad Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook decided to join him.

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