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Damn Teemu Selanne: Ducks 2 @ Blackhawks 2, Hawks win Toin Coss

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

It's funny hearing people rant about narratives in sports journalism. It's funny because the story going into the night was the Blackhawks' struggles on the shootout (scoreless in six tries), the shootout drills held during practice, and what happens when the Hawks play against the Ducks the very next game? Boom. Shootout.

To be fair, it was something that felt almost predestined from the beginning. While you'd be hard-pressed to say the teams traded chances like the Avs and Hawks did last Saturday, and the Hawks did outshoot the Ducks at least initially, the ice tilted fairly evenly throughout the start of the game. It was scoreless after one period where the Blackhawks neither looked too dominant nor were dominated by the Ducks. Where the Hawks, however, could previously boast of not getting more than one penalty per game, they were able to amass two within one, the first a tripping penalty by Sean O'Donnell, and the other a slashing penalty in the waning seconds of the period by Dave Bolland. (Little did we know that would be the second story of the night for the Men of Four Feathers.)

Naturally, the Ducks' top line scored 59 seconds into the next period. Another penalty seemed like it might put the distance between the Ducks and the Hawks, but the kill survived, enough to give Kane and Hossa the chance to work their magic and even the game when Kane spun-o-rama'd a pass to Hossa, who was standing right by an open net ready to poke the puck in before Hiller even knew what was going on.

But a Hawks/Ducks game is not a Hawks/Ducks game without a Teemu Selanne goal, who picked Kaner's pocket and, alone in front of Crawford, put the Ducks up by a goal. The Hawks couldn't do much afterward, but the Ducks paid the Hawks back their late-period penalty with another one of their own. Sadly, the Blackhawks did not do as the Ducks did, and were unable to convert on the power play.

Patrick Sharp tied it up after a beauty of a pass by Patrick Kane (Guy's got a future in the league, doncha think? If only he weren't so damn lazy.) with Jonathan Toews screening Hiller. Noticing a bit of a pattern there? Yeah, me neither.

Kaner then went to the box, and then Hossa followed him a few minutes after. Nobody scored on any ensuing power plays, thank goodness, and the game went to overtime, where the best chances came for the Hawks. Unfortunately, the game was determined not to end in those five minutes, and to shoot-out it did go, where finally, Kane and Toews were both able to absolve themselves of their atrocious showings in shootouts past (all of two games--honestly, the nerve of these boys) and scored to win the toin coss.

One narrative down, fifty more to go.

Thoughts, short and sweet because I'm tired:

  • One day, Frolik will score again. The man had two great chances and it was just him and Hiller. Alas, neither chance found him with a goal. He's still better than Jack Skille.
  • I can probably just watch Dave Bolland check a referee on loop forever and ever.
  • Patrick Kane giveth and taketh. But I'll take a minor penalty here and there for continued chemistry with Hossa and Sharp.
  • It is probably the inefficiency with which we started the season on shootouts, but I'm happy to see Joel Quenneville experimenting with different players on the shootout, especially those whose names don't rhyme with Shatrick Parp.

Star of the Night:

Gunner Williams, that kid who won the shootout game. Maybe Q should've slotted him in between Tazer and Kane, amirite?

District 5 - Hawks vs Ducks Preview

Written by Zach Perry on .

Real stat: the Ducks first line has the most punchable faces in the NHL.

Game Time: 7:30 PM
: Comcast Sports Net/WGN 720
Last meeting: Ducks won 2-1, March 26 at the United Center (In the most frustrating game ever, but Ray Emery was in net!)
Other guys: On The Duck Pond


Tonight, the Blackhawks welcome what could possibly be Orange County's finest hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks were one of the hottest teams in the league last year, using a second half push to lead them to the fourth seed in the playoffs where they were bounced by the Nashville Predators. Their second half surge was led by shame to my last name, Corey Perry. His 50 goals came as a result of being on a line with Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf combined with a real stellar Anaheim power play.

Pouring Like an Avalanche, Coming Down the Mountain - Hawks lose Beer Pong Match to Avs 5-4

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .



"Frolick?" Is that some weird fetish? *registers hockeyplayer-fro-licks.com*

The Blackhawks come into the back-end of a home-at-home with the Colorado Avalanche Saturday having snapped the Avs’ 5-game winning streak. It was an effort that showed the Hawks are going to be tougher to put away in the third period, but would it continue?

Late in the first period, a D-to-D pass freed an open shooting lane for the Avs’ defensemen. He threw a puck towards the net that was going well wide, but Paul Stasny was there to redirect the puck behind Crawford, who really didn’t have a chance. 1-0 Avs.

The first period would end with the 1-0 Avs lead despite the Hawks carrying play most of the period. The Hawks had extended periods of possession in the Avs’ end and had some great chances that just didn’t pan out. The Avs were pretty much held to bumpkiss except for the Stasny goal and the final few minutes of the period. The Avs would wind up leading the shooting 7-6 after the first.



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Short Shifts, Sniper Shots - Blackhawks win 3-1 in Colorado

Written by Hattie on .

Hoooo-boy. I can’t tell you guys how excited I am that I didn’t have to see that stupid bang-bang dance. Tonight’s game was a nice reminder that this team is different from last year. Last year, this one would have gotten away from the Hawks in the third.

Thankfully Crawford was ready for the game to start because it sure as hell didn’t look like the rest of the team had their legs under them, especially for the first ten minutes. A too much man penalty gave the Avalanche the first advantage, but nothing came of it. Later on in the period a keep in by Leddy and a smokin’ pass from Carcillo to gave the Blackhawks a 1-0 lead on a Jonathan Toews beauty of a backhander.

Yeah, that's right... What were you saying about "That Toews guy having a slow start?" What? I can't hear you over my awesome.

California...Beautiful: Hawks @ Avalanche Preview

Written by Zach Perry on .

I hate everything about this. Never again.

Game Time: 8:00PM
TV/Radio: Comcast Sports Net / WGN 720
Snow Blower Operators: JibbleScribbits

Tonight, the Hawks roll into the Mile High City to take on (what is safe to say) this season's early surprise, the Colorado Avalanche. Most people picked the Avs to have a rough start to the season, but they have proved everybody wrong, going 5-1-0. Most recently, the team is coming off of a 3-2 overtime win Monday night in Toronto. It's the Avalanche's first home game in nearly two weeks, when they opened the year with a 3-0 loss to Scum.

El Viaje Misterioso - Hawks Beat Yotes 5-2

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

The Hawks won this game when they walked in the building. Its pretty nice having a team that's capable of utterly dominating on any given night. No surprise the Blackhawks were able to do that against the Phoenix Coyotes on Tuesday night.

It was a game that never really felt close. The Hawks came out flying, drawing penalties, and getting more shots on goal than Jobing.com Arena had empty seats.

I was spending more time coming up with post titles so you have to settle for this: 3-3, Bruins win coin toss

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

First off, sorry guys, it's been a while. 

How do blogcredit to gingerhaze for the art

Last night saw a relatively decent outing from both teams, even though at times it saw the Hawks and the Bruins falling asleep at the helm. It could have been a game of "my Stanley Cup hangover is worse than your Stanley Cup hangover" but there was enough action to keep us all entertained.

The Blackhawks opened the scoring late in the first period with an unassisted goal by Bickell. He caught Thomas alone after Bolland pressured a turnover and sent the puck his way. Unfortunately, the Bruins caught up early in the second with a shorthanded goal, when the Hawks turned over a puck and caused a breakout to go the other way.

Patrick Kane, in full-on Fuck You Mode since the season started, would bring the Hawks up by one not long after, but the guys eased up after, and when Duncan Keith opened his eyes Nathan Horton had already scored to even the game. It was less than halfway through the third period but at this point it seemed overtime was inevitable, and both teams pretty much played that way.

Only Tyler Seguin would score on the shootout, and thus the Bruins leave the Windy City with two more points since arriving. The Blackhawks' season so far stands at 2-1-1. Hit the jump to read more.

Bolland NHL Live Interview Pic and Transcript

Written by Andrew Bernier on .

Bolland was interviewed on the radio show NHL Live earlier today.  What you didn't know is that the whole thing was a sham.  They really just had some guy from the NHL front office on because Bolland isn't a very good interview.  BHDL operatives have sent in this video and transcript of how the interview really went down.


Must See Hawks vs Bruins Preview - Who is the Better Stanley Cup Champion?

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .

Disclaimer: Due to loving threats from the boys at Days of Y’Orr, I took it upon myself to prepare this completely unbiased comparison. Everything is said out of love for the B’s & the DOY boys, unlike all those posts about the Canucks. Bring it bitches.

So Saturday night the Blackhawks will play host to the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. Seeing as these two franchises are the last two to win a Stanley Cup, people will naturally want to compare their runs to the Cup. Seeing as I’m a lazy and uninspired writer, I’ll grab a firm hold of that terrible idea, and run all over town with it. So get ready, because up next, we have the Almighty Blackhawks against the Lucky To Make It, We’ll Ride a Hot Goalie Doggie Style All the Way To The Cup Bruins.

And it starts...

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Hawks 4 - Canadian Revisionist History Majors 3

Written by Kelly Thomas Reardon on .



Tonight saw the much anticipated return of Andrew Ladd and Dustin “BABIES MAKIN’ BABIES” Byfuglien to the confines of the United Center for the first time since the Stanley Cup victory in June of 2010. Would the excitement of trumping their old teammates be enough to get Laddy & Buff to lead their hot & smelly garbage team over the Hawks?

Five minutes into the first, the latest of a bunch of sloppy ass clearing attempts was picked off by Oduya. He let a wrister go from the point, and Slater got a piece of it, redirecting it through Ray Emery’s five hold. 1-0 Jets.

Three minutes later, Slater would tip another shot from the point (this time from Hainsey) to score his second. Hanisey was left wide open at the point due to a major brain fart from Rusty Olesz who just sat on the boards and stared at the puck instead of tracking his man. 2-0 Jets. Coach Q would call his timeout here.


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