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A Fan's Guide to Road Trips: St. Louis, Missouri | Blackhawks Road Trip Guide | Road Trip

A Fan's Guide to Road Trips: St. Louis, Missouri

Written by ChiBlackhawks on .

Note: This is a feature that will run periodically at BHDL, based mostly on our own experiences, and partly on the upcoming games scheduled for the Blackhawks. Our hope is that eventually we will have a post for all 29 NHL arenas that the Blackhawks visit. We might even get a UC write-up from a visitor's perspective. If you've seen a Hawks game in another team's barn and want to contribute, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Of all NHL cities and teams, St. Louis has to be one of the best I've ever visited. Because of how close it is to Chicago (a couple of hours' drive, but isn't that what lies at the very core of an epic road trip?) it's fairly easy to get a pretty big group together to make the trip, and because of the rivalry between the two teams you can rest assured the game would be nothing short of entertaining. Granted, I've never been to Detroit so I can't factor them into my opinion, but let's face it: at least there are Blues fans who actually live in St. Louis.

As I've said before, the first time I went to St. Louis was a little underwhelming, but the second time I went-- with SCH folks and a few other friends-- has pretty much become the standard in terms of defining, for me, what an epic hockey road trip is. Had the schedules worked out better this season (no Saturday games at all? Really?), you can bet I would have found my way back to the Scottrade Center with a few of my friends in tow.

The DrinkScotch Center

The Logistics

  • Getting There - I've never flown into St. Louis before, and depending on when the game is it's probably a better idea to just drive in or take the Amtrak to the city. Otherwise, flights would probably be in the ~$60 range. But why fly? This is the best city to drive to, fool!
  • Hotels - Pick a hotel, any hotel. Scottrade is downtown and you'll be able to find a decent one within city limits.  
  • Transportation - I'm not sure why we did what we did, but we walked/drove/cabbed it around St. Louis while we were there, so I can't advise you one way or another about their public transportation system. Except that it's a light rail transit called the MetroLink, and there's a station by Union Station which is close enough to Scottrade Center. Like Denver, St. Louis is a smallish city so it's fairly easy to get around, but of course depending on when you plan your trip you might want to consider other options if you're not too keen on freezing to death. The best bet is to make sure you're staying somewhere close to Scottrade Center.
  • Arena Accessibility - Which, by the way, is downtown and within walking distance to plenty of hotels, restaurants, and bars. Before you go in, be sure to purchase a copy of St. Louis Game Time, the Blues' unofficial fan program.
  • Tickets - The first time we went to visit, we got row 2 100-levels for a little over a hundred bucks. For the second visit, we were part of a group ticket package by the SCH guys so we paid roughly $30 per ticket. They're not too expensive but because St. Louis is so close to Chicago, games at the Scottrade Center could sell out if you don't purchase tickets ahead of time.</UL>

The Game

  • Arena - There's nothing entirely remarkable about the Scottrade Center, except perhaps its nickname the DrinkScotch Center.
  • In-Game Entertainment - Diehard Blues fans will swear on their mothers' graves that they all hate it, but too many people at the arena were dancing the Power Play Dance to have us believe them. Yep, when the Blues get a power play, it's not enough to have some flashy effects on the jumbotron-- the Blues' arena staff have also cobbled together some very suspect dance moves to accompany the song they play at the announcement of a power play.
  • Heckler-per-Visiting-Fan Ratio - Very High. Granted, we were probably cheering way too much ourselves, but the Blues and the Hawks have never really liked each other all that much.</UL>

City Recommendations (ie, Making the Most of the Trip)

  • Pregame Meal: Maggie O'Brien's - This was where the SCH folks decided to hold their meet-up, and being only a few blocks away from Scottrade, was perfect for the visiting fan. Good food and drinks, if a bit crowded the closer it is to game time.
  • Postgame Drinks: The Landing - You can choose to go back to the pub, but my friends and I also decided to check out "The Landing" or "Laclede's Landing" (I think-- look, I'm going off very hazy memories here, work with me a little), which is a ten-minute cab ride away from the Scottrade Center. The Landing is mostly clubs and not bars, and somehow we ended up in one with girls dancing on counters, but erm. It's something you can try, anyway?
  • Hangover Breakfast -  Unfortunately we didn't stay in St. Louis very long the day after, but on our way we passed by a Walmart and bought a bucket of chicken tenders to eat on our drive back. A+++</UL>

Do you have any idea where the hawks players stay or "hang out" while in st Louis?

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