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Andrew Bernier - Editor-in-Chief

Andrew has been a lifelong Hawks fan.  He grew up in the southwest suburbs where he'd spend many nights watching games in the garage with his dad.  He started driving to games when he turned 16, the first season after the lockout.  After years of therapy, the night terrors of Marty LaPointe's captaincy is almost gone.  Still no progress on the Aucoin/Cullimore top pairing though.  Doctors aren't hopeful that this will soon be forgotten.

He created Blackhawks Down Low as a place to post his columns for the Loyola Phoenix in December 2009.  It evolved into a middling Wordpress blog, before joining the Bloguin network in April 2010.  This is the second full season that he will be blogging.

Kelly Reardon - Managing Editor

Kelly has been watching hockey since the '95 Devils Stanley Cup run, played roller from '94-'00, and has played ice hockey since 2006. He started writing informally on his personal blog late in the 2008 season, and joined Blackhawks Down Low in August of 2010. Kelly also has a full on crush on Jonathan Toews.

ChiBlackhawks - Staff Writer

ChiBlackhawks spent the first twenty-odd years of her winterless life believing the Flying V was a legitimate hockey play until she moved to Chicago and a good friend took her to her first hockey game at the United Center, where the ESPN-dubbed worst team in all of sports took on the perennial Cup favorites in what was supposed to be a lopsided match. To the surprise of her good friend, and to ChiBlackhawks' delight, what unfolded instead was a classic hockey game of shorthanded goals, power plays, fisticuffs, and a good-old-fashioned underdog victory. From watching a few games that season, even more the season after, and so on and so forth, ChiBlackhawks' interest in the team-- and the sport-- snowballed into something of a minor obsession not likely to be tempered by the Capocalyptic Dismantling during the summer of 2010.

This is her second full season as a hockey blogger, and after a summer of rigorous off-season training, she feels significantly more confident about contributing to the blogosphere from her parents' basement, or wherever it is her sort are supposed to come from.

Zach Perry - Staff Writer

Zach remembers when it all started: April 1995 against Toronto in the playoffs. That was the first time he fully remembers watching hockey (Though he assumes his Dad took him to the Stadium) and from there he was hooked. He started reading “The Blue Line" the following year and has stuck with the team through thick and thin. Zach also remembers being extremely excited about Eric Daze being named MVP of the 2002 All-Star game (which totally made up for his team Canada snub), something that he is completely ashamed of today.

After spending the first 18 years of life growing up on Chicago’s north side, Zach went to college in Omaha, Nebraska and received his degree in Journalism from Creighton University. Currently, he works in Lincoln Nebraska, where he is the probably the only guy wearing a Dave Bolland jersey. Zach is excited to write about hockey with some added sarcasm and potentially terrible pop culture references.

Hattie Trott - Staff Writer

Growing up in the vast land of nothingness that is the state of Iowa, Hattie didn't have many opportunities as a child to watch or hear the Blackhawks play. Her grandfather and father had been fans since before the '61 cup win and she was destined to follow suit. She got her first taste of a live game in the early 90s and has been hooked since. Before moving to Chicago in 2006, the only other hockey Hattie really experienced was played on the pond or in the street. This was a dark time in Hattie's life. Now that Hattie has moved back to eastern Iowa, she has a longer commute to Blackhawks games, but she does so with dedication. Currently Hattie is a graphic designer with a little too much time on her hands and quite a bit of smartassary. She respects the Red Wings (although less so now than when they actually played with grit from '96-'06), would rather have armageddon happen than watch the Canucks win the Cup, and will forever laugh at the Columbus Blue Jackets for smoking their cornflakes and giving James Wisniewski a six year/$33 million dollar contract.

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